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Supreme Court says Trump may continue “Remain in Mexico” policy

2020-03-11 21:52, news360.com

The Supreme Court said Wednesday that the Trump administration may continue its “remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers while lower-court challenges continue, after the federal government warned that tens of thousands of immigrants massed at the southern border could overwhelm the immigration system. The justices reversed a decision of a panel of the U.S. […]

Ilhan Omar: Trump administration’s policy will be ‘remembered as a dark stain on our nation’s history’

2019-05-01 16:38, news360.com

Ilhan Omar on Tuesday ripped the Trump Administration for wanting to have tighter asylum policies. Omar said Trump’s policy will leave a “dark stain” in America’s history. “We are in the midst of the worst refugee crisis since World War II—a time when the U.S. refused protections for millions fleeing Nazi persecution. This decision—like the […]

Ilhan Omar: Trump administration’s policy will be ‘remembered as a dark stain on our nation’s history’

2019-05-01 16:38, news360.com

Ilhan Omar on Tuesday ripped the Trump Administration for wanting to have tighter asylum policies. Omar said Trump’s policy will leave a “dark stain” in America’s history. “We are in the midst of the worst refugee crisis since World War II—a time when the U.S. refused protections for millions fleeing Nazi persecution. This decision—like the […]

They’re Smuggling people in Mattresses [Video]

2019-01-02 18:42, news360.com

According to a local media, this is the first time migrants have been found in a mattress smuggling to Spain. From independent.co.uk Two migrants have been discovered hiding inside mattresses strapped to the top of a van attempting to cross from Africa to Spain, prompting renewed concerns about asylum rules in Europe. The men, reportedly […]


2018-12-17 19:05, news360.com

Last month, in what was an expected election result, Democrats in Minnesota elected Somali refugee, Ilhan Omar to be their next Muslim US Congresswoman. In January, Omar will fill the seat of the disgraced outgoing Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison, who was recently forced to resign as the DNC vice chair, after multiple credible accusations of […]

CNN Host Gasps When Border Patrol Agent Reveals Truth About Immigrant Children

2018-10-15 15:18, news360.com

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin let out an audible gasp on the air on Tuesday after a Border Patrol agent revealed the reality of the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border in excruciating detail. Baldwin first pressed National Border Patrol Council spokesman Chris Cabrera on why there were “delays” for immigrants seeking asylum in the United States. […]

Hardcore Government Official Refuses Entry to Muslim Refugees

2018-09-23 09:55, news360.com

Go anywhere else.

One Politician is Asking the Question About Muslim Refugees That No One Else Will

2018-08-05 09:18, news360.com

This should be the first question.

Breaking: Department of Homeland security respond to fake news about children being separated

2018-06-18 15:53, news360.com

Department of Homeland Security’s Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has had it with recent fake by the Democrats claiming President Trump’s administration was separating asylum seeker’s children from their parents at the border. The fact is, asylum seekers at the port of entry are not breaking the law and nothing will happen to the family. It’s only […]

MERKEL’S DISTASTER: German Government ‘FACING COLLAPSE’ Over Immigration Policy

2018-06-15 18:04, news360.com

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is facing an imminent “collapse” over her coalition’s unpopular stance on immigration and asylum seekers pouring into the European Union. According to Fox News, her coalition government is unraveling over recent proposals that would severely limit the number of migrants entering Germany; a policy harshly opposed by Merkel who is […]

Syrian Refugee Families Sue Feds For Their ‘Right’ To Better Taxpayer Funded Housing In New Jersey

2018-05-05 16:08, news360.com

The American taxpayer is paying for refugee housing and for anyone with Temporary Protected Status too? This is outrageous and it’s even more outrageous that these people are suing the feds! Aren’t they lucky they’re even in America and not sitting in a squalid tent in some field? The refugee program in America has become […]

Truth about child refugees: Two-thirds found to be ADULTS, official report reveals that…

2018-04-09 10:26, news360.com

Nearly two-thirds of ‘child’ refugees who were questioned about their real age after coming to Britain were found to be adults, an official report has found. In one year, 65 per cent of asylum seekers assessed after claiming to be juveniles were judged to be over 18. The report, by immigration watchdog David Bolt, revealed […]

Should Homeless Vets Receive Government Housing Before Refugees?

2018-01-22 14:26, news360.com

Liberals want to force America to take in refugees and provide housing, food and clothing for them while the very people who fought for our country and freedom literally freeze to death outside. Why do liberals hate our veterans so much? It doesn’t make sense that we should give so much to people who are […]

State Department Official Came Forward With EVERYTHING!

2017-12-08 17:55, news360.com

A recently retired State Department Official Mary Doetsch that worked under President Obama and Hillary Clinton just came forward in a whistleblower report in the Chicago Tribune on the rampant corruption in the refugee program! And they wonder why Republicans want reform in the refugee program and enhanced border security. It is simply to counter the […]

BREAKING: Supreme Court Issues the Ruling We’ve All Been Waiting For … Only one Judge Was Not in Favor

2017-10-26 15:14, news360.com

The Supreme Court decided that they would dismiss all lawsuits against President Donald Trump’s executive order that banned refugee admissions. This was also the same day that the administration made the announcement that it would start re-admitting refugees under an entirely different and new screening process, as reported by ABC News. A great win for […]

Bold Mayor Tells Muslim Refugees His City Will NOT Bow to Sharia Law

2017-09-15 07:48, news360.com

Jihadists have come to view much of the West as easy pickings with so many cities and countries bending over backwards to accommodate Sharia Law. Liberalism has made us afraid of “offending” the millions of Muslim refugees and migrants and sparking the kind of violence that has come to characterize their home countries in the […]

VIDEO: Farmer smashes through migrants’ tents with his TRACTOR after they set up camp on his fields

2017-09-12 16:04, news360.com

A Greek farmer enraged at refugees tenting on his land has been filmed ploughing through their campsite with his tractor. Claiming he needed to prepare the land for his cows, farmer Lazaros Oulis turned the field in Idomeni, Greece into soft soil while dozens of migrants stood by watching. The land, which Mr Oulis owns, […]

Muslim Refugees Kick Mothers and Children Out of Public Park, But It’s Police Response That’s Truly Worrying

2017-09-10 12:28, news360.com

Muslim refugees invaded a public park and kicked out “Christian” mothers and their children. That’s bad enough. But what’s got local residents truly concerned is what police officers who responded to the scene had to say about the situation. From Breitbart: A children’s park in the eastern German town of Ebersdorf has been taken over by […]

WATCH: Shocking Footage Shows Muslim Migrants Invading Holiday Beach

2017-08-10 12:11, news360.com

Want to know just how easily “refugees” from the Middle East and Africa are entering the West? The following video was shot by a tourist at a holiday beach in southern Spain. He and other visitors were shocked when an inflatable boat suddenly ran aground and more than 30 illegal immigrants entered the country uncontested. […]

ALERT: Stop Drinking Starbucks — They Just Put Every Customer’s Life in Danger

2017-08-09 12:59, news360.com

Starbucks is so determined to defy President Trump and his policies that it will knowingly put the lives of customers at risk to do so. Making good on an earlier threat to Trump, Starbucks is taking the first step toward hiring 10,000 refugees, mostly from the Middle East and Africa. This week, the company held […]

What is REALLY going on in PARIS, that the media WILL NOT SHOW YOU

2017-07-20 22:55, news360.com

Lauren Southern, a Canadian activist and journalist, has been doing a lot of reporting on what is REALLY happening in Paris.  The above video is a train station in Paris that ships in hundreds of “Syrian refugees” every day.  As she reports, these people are neither “Syrian” nor are they “refugees”.  They are North African economic migrants, […]

Somali woman BRUTALLY attacks dog owner shouting “Dogs are UNCLEAN”!

2017-07-18 23:17, news360.com

A 54 year old Viennese woman is hospitalized after a BRUTAL ATTACK requiring two surgeries and an artificial knee. And all for owning a DOG? Seems the 18 year old veiled Somali asylum seeking woman can’t leave her culture behind, and decided attacking the 54 year old female dog owner was a good decision. In […]

George Clooney Thinks Trump’s the Devil, But is Now Seeking Shelter With Him?!

2017-07-16 18:38, news360.com

Ok, this has got to be the most blatant case of hypocrisy we’ve seen from Hollywood in a long time. George Clooney was among the more vocal celebrities expressing “concern” over the election of Donald Trump, and blasting the 45th president’s policies toward immigrants and Muslim refugees. Clooney went so far as to demand that […]

Muslim Refugees Block Road Demanding Free Smartphones and WiFi. Watch How Local Residents Respond

2017-07-16 08:04, news360.com

It’s been said a hundred times, and, apparently, needs to be said a hundred more. Immigration is fine. But it must be done properly. Just letting anyone enter and then failing to insist on proper integration is a recipe for immigration disaster. And that’s precisely what’s happening now in so many parts of Europe, including […]

Muslim Migrants rape 5-yr-old Idaho girl – liberal judge gives revolting sentence that demolishes victim’s family…

2017-07-14 23:23, news360.com

The liberals can cry and scream all they like, but the fact of the matter is that most refugees come from Islamic countries, where women are treated like property, and in some cases have even less rights than animals. Yet, the mainstream media ignores this completely. Pamela Geller reports: Sharia law in Idaho. The three Muslim refugee […]

VIDEO: Muslim Refugees Break Through Border Fence. Watch Closely How Police Respond

2017-07-13 11:15, news360.com

Want proof that we need to follow through on Trump’s plan to turn our border fence into a full-fledged WALL? Check out the following video. Granted, these are Muslim refugees and not Mexican immigrants. But don’t think for one second that a tactic that works one place won’t be copied elsewhere. These Middle East migrants […]

Muslims Refugees Convicted of Raping 5-Year-Old Girl. Should They Be Released?

2017-07-09 11:23, news360.com

It seems like a ridiculous question to even have to ask. But that’s sadly where we are at today in America after eight years of Barack Obama. We’ve been browbeaten into viewing the “rights” of refugees and immigrants as so paramount to our own that even the safety of our children must be sacrificed on […]

Bill Gates Just Confirmed before The World That Trump is Right, We Need to Do This Before…

2017-07-04 22:35, news360.com

Liberals are going crazy. You won’t believe what Bill Gates said about Immigration. Yeah, je just confirmed Trump’s idea and ban order. Speaking with a German newspaper, Bill Gates said – as translated by Breitbart: “On the one hand you want to demonstrate generosity and take in refugees, but the more generous you are, the […]

Police Chief Warns We’re On Brink of Civil War, Begs Public for Help

2017-06-30 12:14, news360.com

Precisely as so many people predicted, unchecked Muslim migration and the inflow of refugees from hostile nations has put Western nations on the brink of civil war. For instance, Sweden, which infamously taunted President Trump for pointing out its Muslim problem, now has no fewer than 61 Sharia-ruled “no-go zones.” From Jihad Watch: Sweden’s National […]

Muslim Refugees Leave HORRIFYING Surprise for Small American Town

2017-06-18 14:25, news360.com

So many small American towns have already been overrun by Muslim “refugees” who refuse to integrate and instead impose their culture and religion on their hosts. Until now, the sleepy New Hampshire town of Pittsfield had escaped such a fate. With a population of less than 1,400 and remotely situated as it is, authorities had […]

9th Circuit Finds New Way to Defy Trump’s Travel Ban. Ready for More Refugees?

2017-06-13 10:51, news360.com

One of the best ways for liberals to make President Trump look bad is to deny him the ability to keep election promises. And the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has been working hard to make sure Trump can’t stem the flood of Muslim refugees in this country, as he vowed to do. The latest […]

Woman’s Account of What Muslim Refugees Did to Her Town Will Make You Weep

2017-06-13 09:31, news360.com

Barack Obama is gone (sort of). President Trump touted tough new immigration laws. And yet, many small American towns continue to be flooded with Muslim refugees that we don’t have the resources to accommodate and whose cultural and religious values are antithetical to our own. Far too many of these newcomers aren’t here to integrate. […]

Muslim Refugee Boys RAPE 5-Year-Old Girl, Then the Judge Does the UNSPEAKABLE

2017-06-11 07:37, news360.com

Our justice system supposedly exists to protect the citizens of the United States. But, increasingly, it seems our courts are there to justify immigrant violence AGAINST Americans. Far too often, the US legal system is being manipulated in a way that puts Americans in even greater danger. Such was the case for the family of […]

Muslim Refugees See Jesus in a Dream. Then Something Incredible Happens

2017-05-22 14:18, news360.com

This is what’s possible when we don’t let political correctness get in the way. Muslim immigration can be an opportunity for Christian witness. But liberals are are more concerned with letting Islam take over and simultaneously bashing Christians. Well, at least one church isn’t letting the liberal agenda get in their way. From Christianity Today: […]

WATCH: Muslims spit on Christian woman for protesting against Sharia

2017-05-16 09:30, news360.com

This woman is beyond brave, considering what these fanatics have done to people over much less. She is a Christian refugee from the Middle East. And she is appalled that Muslims from the Middle East are coming to the West and being anything but GRATEFUL. This woman rightly notes that they’ve been permitted to live […]

Muslim refugee kids threaten to BEHEAD their 5th grade teacher

2017-05-12 12:56, news360.com

How many stories of how Middle Eastern Muslim refugees are failing to integrate with Western society are needed before we WAKE UP? And it’s not only the adults. As solid proof that our two civilizations just aren’t compatible, even refugee children are threatening JIHAD. An elementary school teacher in Australia could not believe what was […]

Muslim migrants give Obama NASTY surprise as he lands in Italy

2017-05-11 10:33, news360.com

Barack Obama landed in Italy this week to push his Islam-loving globalist agenda. But immediately upon touching down in the European nation, he got a NASTY surprise from Muslim “refugees” there. A female journalist and her cameraman were sent out to do a story on the dire living conditions of African Muslim migrants in Rome. […]

Muslim Refugees Are Escaping Arizona Like the PLAGUE – All It Took Was ONE Brilliant Change

2017-05-09 17:30, news360.com

The great state of Arizona has been forced to resettle more than it’s fair share of Muslim refugees. However, millions of these migrants are now leaving the state in droves because of one simple things residents are doing. Mad World News reported that at least half of the 7,351 Somalian migrants that have been resettled […]

WATCH: Muslim ‘refugees’ attack woman on subway… BIG MISTAKE

2017-05-09 12:38, news360.com

It’s a story that keeps repeating itself all across the world. A gang of Muslim “refugee” thugs stepped on to a subway and, completely unprovoked, began verbally harassing locals. Unsatisfied with merely hurling curses, the Muslims then begin to physically assault a female passenger (they are so brave, aren’t they?). But they never expected the […]

Entitled Muslims Demand US Company Submit To SHARIA LAW, GET RUTHLESS RESPONSE!

2017-05-04 10:18, news360.com

Muslim migrants always seem to think that they are better than REAL Americans and therefore deserve special perks that the rest of us aren’t privy to. Some Muslim refugees in Colorado, however, just learned the hard way that they aren’t actually entitled to extra privileges just because they follow Allah. Over 200 Muslim workers, many […]

Starbucks in HUGE trouble – they are BEGGING Trump to save them!

2017-04-26 06:31, news360.com

Remember when Starbucks vowed to protest President Trump and his policies by hiring 10,000 Muslim refugees? Yeah, so, a big I TOLD YOU SO is now in order. Starbucks had already taken a pretty big hit just after that foolish announcement. Their stock immediately dropped around 20 percent. Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz insisted the dip […]

REAL Syrian Refugee Delivers POWERFUL REBUKE of Barack Obama

2017-04-23 11:17, news360.com

So many damning revelations about Barack Obama are coming out. It’s nothing short of a miracle that he didn’t managed to completely bury America during his eight years in the White House. Sadly, Obama did contribute heavily to the destruction of other people’s homes. And then covered it up, or completely ignored it as if […]

103,000 Entitled Muslims In Michigan Just Woke Up To Nasty Surprise From Fed Up Citizens

2017-04-22 16:45, news360.com

The nature of the Islamic religion does not allow Muslims to assimilate into Western culture — they want to dominate it since everything America stands for is counter to their beliefs. Michigan has systematically been forced to bow down to Islam under the pressure of our previous president who herded thousands of refugees into their […]

Video: Muslim Thugs Attack Man … But He Has a DEADLY SURPRISE For Them

2017-04-22 08:56, news360.com

Things are very HOT in France these days. I am sure you heard about the terrorist attack few days ago. According to Clash Daily a new video shows a group of Muslim thugs attacking a man who they do not know has a concealed carry license and a firearm ready to fire. As Muslim refugees flood […]

Putin DROPS THE HAMMER on Ungrateful Muslim Refugees

2017-04-21 10:08, news360.com

Vladimir Putin is many things, but one thing he is NOT is soft on illegal, ungrateful and subversive immigrants. And that’s why Russia today is facing almost none of the problems the rest of Europe is suffering as a result of unchecked Muslim immigration. For Putin, the rules are simple. If a refugee needs asylum, […]

OUTRAGEOUS: Muslim Refugee Comes With 4 Wives, 22 Kids – Look How Much Welfare He Gets!

2017-04-21 08:55, news360.com

There’s a lot we need to do to better vet Muslim immigrants. But one of the cornerstone conditions for immigrating to the West should be adherence to OUR LAWS! And Sharia Law is NOT part of our laws. That means you can’t have four wives if you want to live here. And you certainly can’t […]

BREAKING: Muslim Refugees OUTRAGED After Georgia Becomes First State To…

2017-04-21 08:04, news360.com

It’s not that America is suddenly resistant to immigration. Our nation was built on immigration. But we will NOT TOLERATE those seeking shelter here to try to subvert American culture and values. Either immigrants are seeking the American dream, in which case they need to integrate, or they have more sinister motives for coming and […]

The SHOCKING Reason South Korea REFUSES to Take Muslim Refugees

2017-04-16 05:53, news360.com

South Korea is REFUSING to take any Muslim refugees from Syria, and it’s not the only Asian country doing so. The reason for the policy is simple, and really quite logical. Sadly, it’s the kind of logic that escapes liberals in America. South Korea’s Ministry of Justice told The Korea Observer that the reason the […]

Man Forced to Watch Muslim ‘Refugee’ Rape His Girlfriend

2017-04-10 07:57, news360.com

A couple from Germany lived through what can only be described as a nightmare when they encountered a Muslim “refugee” in the forest. The couple was camping near the German capital of Bonn when this horrific scene unfolded. They were approached by a man wielding a machete, an asylum seeker from the African nation of […]

Muslim Refugees DESTROY Taxpayer-Funded Home, the Reason Why is SICK

2017-04-09 09:49, news360.com

More and more stories of ungrateful Muslim refugees mistreating their host nations are coming to light. And they demonstrate one of the key reasons President Trump’s immigration reforms are so necessary. Take, for instance, a recent report out of Germany, where four young Somali refugees DESTROYED the house and belongings provided to them by German […]

OUTRAGE: Muslim ‘Refugees’ Rape 5-Year-Old Girl, Local Mayor Calls For MORE!

2017-04-09 07:44, news360.com

While President Trump has sparked a conservative awakening, liberals are becoming even more unhinged in their efforts to remain relevant. The problem is they are putting the public at incredible risk in order to defy Trump. For instance, the mayor and city council of Twin Falls, Idaho are pushing to make their town a “sanctuary” […]

HORRIFYING Video Show What’s It Like For White Girls to Get SEXUALLY ASSAULTED by Muslim ‘Refugees’

2017-04-09 07:02, news360.com

It’s a nightmare that no one would wish on his wife, daughter or sister. But it’s exactly what liberals are inviting into our countries. Local white women in a number of nations hosting Muslim “refugees” are being mercilessly targeted for sexual assault. And political correctness is preventing the authorities from eradicating this problem. They simply […]

WATCH: Muslim Attacks Christian Street Preacher in Florida, Shouting “SHARIA IS COMING”

2017-04-07 12:05, news360.com

Muslims from around the world come to our country as “refugees,” but then try to impose their religion, culture and laws on us. And, until President Trump, we were too afraid to do anything about it, to actually enforce OUR own laws. This shocking video of a Muslim man assaulting a Christian street preacher in […]


2017-03-24 20:48, news360.com

Mainstream media would do anything in their power to hide the danger of Islamic radicals. Few days ago the Turkish president to conquer Europe and the world through migration and over breeding. Muslims are using our refugee programs as a tool to invade the west. Liberals want us to believe that this will never happen […]

AND SO IT BEGINS: Turkish Leader Calls on Muslims to CONQUER Europe

2017-03-20 13:14, news360.com

President Trump has long been telling anyone who will listen what are the true intentions of too many Muslim “refugees.” He points to the near destruction of Europe as evidence of what they really want. Most people scoffed at Trump, until now… Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is in the midst of an immigration […]

Starbucks CEO is RUINED After Trying to Take On Trump

2017-03-20 12:55, news360.com

Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, took the spotlight after January’s inauguration when he announced his shocking plan to challenge President Trump’s immigration restrictions. Schultz vowed to hire 10,000 refugees. But the scheme has backfired spectacularly. The Daily Mail reports: Howard Schultz, the current CEO of Starbucks, will step down from his role at the […]

Defiant Federal Judges Just Received A Warning!

2017-03-20 12:28, news360.com

Lawmakers are warning Federal Judges that they are exceeding their power. From Washington Times: This week’s rulings against President Trump’s revised executive order on travel and refugees have sparked heated pushback from Republicans on Capitol Hill, who say judges have crossed the line to become adversaries of this White House — and suggested retribution could […]

Muslim ‘Refugee’ SLAPS White Girl For Refusing To Give Him Her Phone Number … [VIDEO]

2017-03-20 11:51, news360.com

Obama and his minions constantly proclaim that Muslim “refugees” are peaceful people who just want to assimilate into our culture. What Obama and his cronies are conveniently forgetting, however, is the fact that many Muslims have no respect for women. According to the US Herald, this video footage shows a Muslim refugee from Africa proposition […]

VIDEO: Burqa-Clad Muslim ‘Refugee’ ATTACKS Police Officer, But Gets a NASTY SURPRISE!

2017-03-19 11:48, news360.com

There are two things that too many Muslim immigrants believe – that they can do whatever they want in our country, and that they can get away with it. Under Obama, that might have been true in many cases. And perhaps that’s why so many Muslim immigrants continue to behave that way. But a new […]

Civilian Militia Deployed to Combat Unchecked Muslim Immigration

2017-03-14 20:44, news360.com

Unchecked Muslim migration has wrecked a number of European nations already. But one has decided to fight back before it’s too late. In Bulgaria, which has suffered a massive wave of “refugees” from Syria, local militias are suiting up to combat the dangerous phenomenon. Reports indicate that between 200 and 300 illegal Muslim immigrants enter […]

You Won’t Believe What Happened when the Red Cross Offers Muslim Refugees Free Food; DISTURBING [Video]

2017-03-13 16:25, news360.com

What you are about to see is highly disturbing. (Scroll down for Video) Does this crowd appear desperate or spontaneous? When the cameras are rolling, they refuse the Red Cross food generously offered by the Macedonian army because it is not halal and cause you can see “a cross” on the boxes. Watch: You know […]

Syrian Refugees Torture Elderly White Woman to Death

2017-03-12 11:50, news360.com

The problem with unchecked immigration from the Middle East is that many are coming with no intention of integrating. Rather, the intend to impose their culture on us, and that includes unprovoked violence against non-Muslims. A couple of months ago, an 82-year-old pensioner in Germany was found tortured to death in her own home. Now, […]

Voters Get REVENGE on Obama-Loving Mayor Who Flooded Town With Refugees

2017-03-09 09:58, news360.com

Refugees are all the rage, apparently. So Mayor Christopher Louras was probably certain flooding Rutland, Vermont with them would win him the love and support of his liberal constituency. Oops. Instead, it got Louras booted from office. When President Obama wanted to boost his liberal credentials by settling a handful of Syrian refugees in the […]

VIDEO: Muslim Refugees Attack Frenchman… But He Has a Deadly Surprise For Them…

2017-03-08 10:06, news360.com

It is still so surreal that this is happening on the streets of major Western cities. You can hardly tell parts of Paris from the slums of North Africa or the Middle East these days. The following video shows an incident of the type that has become far too common in France, Germany and other […]

Unauthorized Muslim ‘Refugees’ Hunted Down and Deported – IT’S HAPPENING!

2017-03-07 13:11, news360.com

President Trump has made it very clear that he thinks floods of Muslim refugees have ruined Europe, and he is determined to not let that happen to America. But there are still some European countries that agree with Trump, and are even one step ahead of him in defending their borders. Hungary has made no […]

School Makes SICK Request of Girl Sexually Assaulted by Muslim Immigrant

2017-03-06 10:14, news360.com

Why are we so afraid of offending Muslim immigrants that we will let them get away with the most heinous crimes, including the abuse of our own children? This isn’t even political correctness any longer. It’s pure INSANITY! In Canada, a 14-year-old school girl was physically and sexually assaulted by two teenage Syrian refugees. But […]

Muslim refugees enroll in Canadian high school; this happens immediately…

2017-03-04 18:39, news360.com

Canadians have also been extremely generous in welcoming Syrian refuges, and they too are finding trouble assimilating those they’re welcoming. Via Daily Caller: Emails between school officials at one Canadian high school reveal the school has been struggling to integrate into the school adult Syrian refugees, who reportedly are bullying and threatening students and teachers, […]

Lawmakers Are Pushing To Place Ban On Wearing Muslim Burqa In Public. Do You Support This?

2017-02-24 12:02, news360.com

More and more refugees from Muslim nations are coming to America and Europe. Officials are discussing if refugees have to adopt to the new culture that is hosting them. Switzerland is leading the conversation. Swiss lawmakers are inching toward imposing a nation-wide ban on face veils. This is a pointed gesture against the woman who […]

Breaking! Look what protesters just did to the Statue of Liberty! (SICK)

2017-02-22 12:00, news360.com

Please share and comment if you support President Trump’s immigration reform! An unknown group of people affixed a large banner to the Statue of Liberty today that read “Refugees Welcome”. nbcnewyork.com reports: National park police are investigating how a banner reading “Refugees Welcome” got on to the Statue of Liberty Tuesday afternoon. The banner, measuring [R

President Trump Has a BRILLIANT Plan to Resettle Syrian Refugees

2017-02-22 07:34, news360.com

Europe is collapsing under the weight of Syrian refugees. America is wary of letting too many of them in. But everyone except President Trump seems to have forgotten that there is another way, a more natural way of dealing with this problem. The Syrians have a country, it just needs to be taken back from […]

ISIS Says It Likes Killing Christians Most, Thanks America For Only Taking Muslim Refugees

2017-02-21 11:30, news360.com

Obama’s policies regarding Middle East refugees that were in effect until now were music to the ears of ISIS. After all, the group said it most likes killing Christians, and since Obama was giving preferential treatment to Muslim refugees, that left plenty of Christian victims for ISIS to slaughter. A video released by ISIS this […]

Rival Coffee Company Has PERFECT Response to Starbucks Hiring 10,000 Refugees

2017-02-16 21:21, news360.com

Starbucks protested President Trump’s temporary restriction on immigration from some Muslim nations by announcing it would hire 10,000 Muslim refugees. A rival coffee company – Black Rifle Coffee Company – had a perfect, PRO-AMERICA response to that. Black Rifle Coffee said that it would match Starbucks’ commitment by hiring 10,000 US MILITARY VETERANS! “Hiring vets [

Germany Does the UNTHINKABLE in Response to Muslim Refugee Rampage

2017-02-16 21:03, news360.com

Muslim refugees and immigrants in Germany have carried out devastating terrorist attacks, harassed native Germans relentlessly and set up no-go Sharia zones. In response, the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel is doing something totally unthinkable. She is setting aside nearly $100 million in taxpayers’ money to pay Middle East migrants to voluntarily leave Germany. Merkel’s [̷

VIDEO: ’60 Minutes’ Tries To Dialogue With ‘PEACEFUL’ Muslim Refugees – Moments Later Their Very Lives Are In DANGER

2017-02-13 15:28, news360.com

Liberals in America want us to believe that refugees pose no threat to our safety. What a great lie! A 60 Minutes crew went to Sweden to do a feel-good piece about the wonderful impact Muslim refugees from places like Syria have had on the nation. What the camera lens caught instead was a violent […]

School Receives Prize For Accepting Most Refugees, But Look At It NOW

2017-02-12 12:06, news360.com

A school in Sweden was awarded a “peace prize” for accepting the most Middle Eastern refugee students. That was a year ago. Today, the same school has become a war zone with barbed wire and checkpoints, all because it accepted the most Middle Eastern refugee students. The Värnhem School is located in the Swedish city […]

Muslim Immigrants INVADE Farmer’s Fields, So WATCH What He Does Next

2017-02-10 08:54, news360.com

Muslim immigrants, many of them at least, have made no secret of the fact that they view themselves as entitled to the nations that are hosting them. They routinely squat on privately-owned land or public property. But some people are getting fed up, like this farmer who one morning discovered dozens of refugees living in […]

WATCH: Tucker Can’t Get a Straight Answer From Liberal Who Says We MUST Welcome Refugees

2017-02-09 12:10, news360.com

Liberals insist that President Trump is heartless and that America simply MUST welcome all refugees with open arms regardless of their background and agenda. Never mind that they didn’t always think this way. It’s only since Trump’s election that liberals have become so vocal on the issue, and so in favor of it. But what’s […]

TERROR IN MAINE – Muslim Refugee Does The UNTHINKABLE To Young Girl

2017-02-09 11:25, news360.com

Ever since Donald Trump signed his travel ban, the liberal media has been trying to portray Muslim migrants as innocent people who mean no harm to the Western world. That’s why you won’t be reading about this story anywhere in the mainstream media… Mad World News reported that a 16 year-old girl was recently gang raped […]

Judge Pirro UNLOADS On Judge Robart For Stopping Trump’s TRAVEL BAN… EPIC!

2017-02-07 18:25, news360.com

Who is the judge who stopped Trump’s travel ban? James Robart is a federal judge in Washington state, who most recently ruled against the Trump executive order that blocked visa holders from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from the US for 90 days, halted the entire refugee program for 120 days, and […]

Trump is winning! Refugees are moving to Canada

2017-02-07 16:31, news360.com

Liberals can say what they want but Trump is right! Yahoo reports that many Refugees in the United States are flocking to Canada in growing numbers. Yes, SELF DEPORTATION! Manitoba’s Welcome Place refugee agency helped 91 claimants between Nov. 1 and Jan. 25 – more than the agency normally sees in a year. “We haven’t […]

The SHOCKING Reason Japan REFUSES to Take Muslim Refugees

2017-02-07 12:11, news360.com

There is a gross misconception that President Trump has made America the only nation on earth unwilling to let in some Muslim refugees. The reality is that very few nations are willing to take that risk. In fact, most ARAB countries are refusing to take Syrian refugees. But one nation that has imposed a Muslim […]

Rush Limbaugh DEMOLISHES CNN Over Fake News Set-Up

2017-02-06 13:38, news360.com

CNN was at it again, using political plants to create phony headlines where there are none. But this time, Rush Limbaugh was waiting. During a televised town hall discussion, CNN trotted out a young Middle Eastern girl named Bushra who is supposedly a refugee from Yemen. Bushra was presented as though she was an outraged […]

VIDEO: Guy Asks AIRPORT Protestors If They’d Let Refugees Into their home? The Answer Reveals How Stupid They REALLY Are

2017-02-06 12:08, news360.com

Joey Salads is a famous YouTubber. He’s had filmed a social experiment asking AIRPORT Anti-Trump Protestors (wearing a Bernie Sanders Shirt) If They’d Let Refugees Into their home? As you are going to see, they are just “talk-talk-talk” and no action. Most of them would rather NOT have refugees in their houses cause they have […]


2017-02-04 17:37, news360.com

Obama and his minions constantly proclaim that Muslim “refugees” are peaceful people who just want to assimilate into our culture. What Obama and his cronies are conveniently forgetting, however, is the fact that many Muslims have no respect for women. According to the Mr. Conservative, this video footage shows a Muslim refugee from Africa proposition […]

Here’s the One Vide About Muslims Refugees That ALL Americans HAVE TO Watch

2017-02-03 20:51, news360.com

Although the 19-minute film may feel like a dispatch from the future, it is cut entirely from recent news reports, police camera footage, and interviews. Kicking off with scenes of a modern car ferry disgorging thousands of illegals into Greece, the film then cuts to dozens of aerial shots of columns of migrants marching north […]

Trump Just Exposed Obama’s Secret Plan To Bring ENDTIME Chaos to America…

2017-02-02 16:34, news360.com

Donald Trump slammed Malcolm Turnbull over a proposed asylum seeker deal and accused the Australian Prime Minister of looking to ship off the ‘next Boston bombers’ to the United States during their first official telephone conversation. On Thursday afternoon the President took to Twitter to slam the Obama administration for agreeing to take on the […]

VIDEO, Trump: Muslim Refugees Are “Destroying Europe, I’m NOT Gonna Let That Happen To The U.S.”

2017-02-02 15:12, news360.com

Scroll down for video…. Donald Trump told MSNBC’s Morning Joe that he would stick by his controversial policy on Muslim immigration because the migrant crisis is “destroying Europe”. Trump’s proposal to place a temporary halt on Muslim immigration to the United States was perhaps his most incendiary executive order, but Trump shows no signs of […]

TOTAL DESTRUCTION: Refugees Destroying Everything They Touch in Europe [VIDEOS]

2017-02-02 14:52, news360.com

Reports coming in from various European News Outlets are confirming mass migration rampage events by “refugees”. “Half an hour ago on the border between Italy and Austria i saw a huge crowd of immigrants. With all solidarity to people in difficult circumstances I have to say that what I saw arouses horror.This huge mass of […]

LIBERAL HYPOCRISY! Starbucks Wants To Hire 10,000 Refugees but Check What They did to Women…

2017-02-01 17:50, news360.com

Starbucks has promised to hire 10,000 refugees over five years in response to Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily barring refugees access to the US and banning entry for anyone from seven majority Muslim countries. The move came as leading US companies including Alphabet, Amazon, Ford, Goldman Sachs and Microsoft came out against the policy. Howard […]

VIDEO: The 22-Year-Old Video That Will SHUT DOWN Airport Protesters in 5 Seconds!

2017-01-31 19:53, news360.com

Liberals, leftists and Muslims are protesting Trump’s ban on refugees. Their stupid strategy is to “protest” at huge airports in different cities in America. Police are having a hard time keep travelers safe. If you want to make an airport protester faint, you should probably show them this video. It’s a 22-year-old clip from former […]

Arab Gulf State Leaders Just Handed Trump His Biggest Win Yet

2017-01-31 12:30, news360.com

This is what a winning and productive president looks like! While liberals kick and scream about his immigration policies, Trump is busy finding real solutions that will still help refugees, while keeping America safe. After temporarily restricting immigration from several Middle East countries, President Trump got on the phone with the leaders of Saudi Arabia […]

Trump Will Fire Who Refuses to Defend His Order Closing America’s Borders to Refugees… She’s the FIRST ONE!

2017-01-31 11:28, news360.com

President Trump fired his acting attorney general after she refused to defend his executive order closing the nation’s borders to refugees and people from predominantly Muslim countries. In an escalating crisis for his 10-day-old administration, the president declared in a statement that Sally Q. Yates, who had served as deputy attorney general under President Barack […]

VIDEO: This is a WAR! Muslims attack police in Kensington…

2017-01-31 10:59, news360.com

Folks, this is a war! This is soon coming to America if we don’t act now! President Trump has ban refugees from coming to America but they are protesting everywhere… This is what’s happening in Kensington, London. Muslims protesting against America, Israel and Gaza. Watch: This is what’s happening in Dallas airpot:

Cops Are Sick And Tired of Thugs Protesting Trump’s Muslims Ban, This is What They DID… [VIDEO]

2017-01-30 16:48, news360.com

President Trump has signed an Executive Order that ban citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the US for 90 days so far. It also suspends the United States’ refugee system for a period of 120 days. This system will help “keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the US”. The order refers to Syria, Iran, […]

EX Muslim Refugee Gives SHOCKING Insights About Trump, Islam and Western Feminism… Anti-Trump Liberals LIVID!

2017-01-30 10:10, news360.com

President Trump has signed an Executive Order that ban citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the US for 90 days so far. It also suspends the United States’ refugee system for a period of 120 days. This system will help “keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the US”. The order refers to Syria, Iran, […]

BREAKING: Iran Reacts…

2017-01-28 21:38, news360.com

Trump has stopped all immigration from Muslim nations. Customs officials began detaining travelers within hours of the signing. The officials said the seven migrants, escorted by officials from the U.N. refugee agency, were stopped from boarding the plane after authorities at Cairo airport contacted their counterparts at JFK. Iran said on Saturday it would stop U.S. […]

JUST IN: President Trump BLOCKS Syrian Refugees from Crossing U.S. Borders

2017-01-26 16:36, news360.com

President Donald Trump has a draft executive order which will likely be signed on Thursday, suspends all refugee processing for 120 days. Refugee processing from Syria into the United States will end entirely, as will immigration from Syria. Alicia Caldwell of the Associated Press reports that “additionally, for at least thirty days, immigration will be […]

Frightening Statistics Show How Badly Obama Betrayed America

2017-01-03 12:26, news360.com

Obama is doing his best to transform America, and not for the better. One way he has tried to achieve that is by flooding our country with Syrian refugees. And, little surprise, he pretty much only lets in Muslims. Over the past month alone, Obama has admitted 1,307 additional Syrian refugees. That brings the annual […]

Obama Flooding Yet Another State With Refugees Before He Leaves

2017-01-01 15:29, news360.com

President Obama is working feverishly to flood America with as many Muslim refugees as possible before he leaves office. His latest victim is Nebraska, which is now obligated to take in 502 additional migrants in the coming months. Nebraska’s Lincoln Journal Star reported that the immigrants have already started arriving. Nebraska already has the highest […]

Syrian Refugees Go on RAMPAGE, Attacking Women, Elderly and BABIES

2016-12-29 09:23, news360.com

It was utter mayhem in the German city of Augsburg as authorities tried to evacuate residents after discovering an unexploded World War II bomb. Of course, the entire affair would have passed peacefully if not for the presence of violent Syrian refugees. Many of the residents living in close proximity to the bomb were taken […]

Officials Alarmed To Discover What Refugee Youth Are Watching

2016-12-26 12:20, news360.com

Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees pose a major security risk for authorities. This is especially true of migrant youths who are easy recruitment targets for groups like ISIS. Officials at an asylum for unaccompanied migrant minors in Germany were alarmed to find several youths in their care were watching ISIS recruitment videos. A local official, […]

Rudy Giuliani Delivers BITTER TRUTH to Middle East Asylum-Seekers

2016-12-21 13:34, news360.com

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani had some bitter truth for Middle East migrants seeking asylum in the US. Things are about to change under Trump, he said. Terrorism is on the rise, Giuliani noted. And America, along with Europe, has failed to stop it because we refused to accept that radical Islam “is […]

Liberal Lawmaker: Syrian Refugees Bring Terrorism With Them

2016-12-13 16:40, news360.com

A left-wing, liberal lawmaker warned that opening the gates to waves of Syrian refugees will result in more terrorism. In fact, he stated, Europe is already facing an existential threat because it did just that. Israeli Member of Knesset (MK) Hilik Bar made the remarks to the European Parliament in Brussels. Bar is a member […]

OBAMA Gets HORRIBLE News – THIS Could FINISH His “REFUGEE” Program…Forever!

2016-12-07 19:02, news360.com

VIA| The brilliant lawyers at Judicial Watch just did something that is sending SHOCKWAVES through the Obama White House. They are filling official requests to learn every detail about President Barack Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional plan to import thousands of Muslim Syrian “refugees” into America. And they are already taking Obama to court to force him to turn over […]

Here’s the New Trend to Get a Resident Permit in America

2016-12-07 12:40, news360.com

This is an old trend but it’s increasing heavily due to social networks and many refugees looking to enter into the US “legally”. They are now afraid of Trump’s wall and “strong laws against immigration” Check this out: Hello i want to go and live in the USA. i would like to know which is […]

Trump Humiliates Obama with Perfect Response to OSU Attacker

2016-12-01 22:04, news360.com

Breitbart reported that, upon learning the Islamic State group had taken credit for the attack launched by a Somali refugee, Trump tweeted, “ISIS is taking credit for the terrible stabbing attack at Ohio State University by a Somali refugee who should not have been in our country.” The Obama administration is warning Americans not to […]

Trump Prophesied The Muslim Refugee Attack Before Election but Democrats Attack Him for Racism

2016-11-29 19:05, news360.com

Trump, during this presidential campaign, warned America about the danger of Muslim refugees coming by the thousands in America. Democrats, led by Hillary Clinton, attacked him for racism.  Trump proposed to “stop” importing refugees until we have a clear secure plan for our borders. According to the Daily Caller: Speaking a rally in Maine last […]

BREAKING: Ohio State attacker identified; Mainstream Media SILENT because…

2016-11-28 22:18, news360.com

A shooting was reported at OSU and now some are suspecting terrorism could’ve played a role. The OSU attack is an 18-year-old Somali refugee. According to CBS,  the attacker was Abdul Artan, an 18-year-old student at the university. He was a Somali refugee who left his homeland with his family in 2007, lived in Pakistan and then […]

Christmas Lights BANNED To Avoid ‘OFFENDING’ Muslim ‘Refugees’

2016-10-28 10:59, news360.com

The worldwide politically correct push reached a new low this month when many towns in Sweden banned the use of Christmas lights on the street to avoid offending the millions of Muslim migrants that have flooded their country in the last two years. A SVT report stated that The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) will not allow municipalities […]


2016-10-23 08:57, news360.com

The Supreme Court in Austria has overturned an Iraqi refugee’s guilty verdict in the rape of a 10-year-old boy. Court officials accepted the defense lawyer’s claim that the rapist did not know the schoolboy was saying no. The incident took place in December when 20-year-old Amir A was taking part in an integration program. He was […]

Angela Merkel Makes SHOCKING Announcement About Refugees, Hillary and Media Blackout!

2016-10-18 10:02, news360.com

  Hillary wants America to become like Germany. She said we should open our borders and welcome refugees from the Middle East. Check what’s happening in Germany right now, Angela Merkel (chancellor) is CHANGING HER MIND. According to the Daily Caller: German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants a “national push” to deport as many rejected asylum […]

INSTANT JUSTICE: Muslim Migrant Tries To Stop Car, Watch What Happens Next

2016-10-13 09:48, news360.com

Muslim refugees who are flooding in the Western world have shown themselves to be some of the most entitled people on this planet. That’s why the Muslim migrant in this story was shocked to be given a brutal wakeup call… Mad World News reported that a large group of Muslim migrants recently gathered in the […]

New Wikileaks Doc Exposes Hillary Scariest Confession…

2016-10-11 17:34, news360.com

The Daily Caller reports, In a private 2013 speech, Hillary Clinton worried about the risk of “jihadists” entering Jordan with “legitimate refugees” because “they can’t possibly vet all those refugees.” Clinton today wants to increase the amount of Syrian refugees the United States takes in by 55,000 annually. She believes that the U.S. refugee screening […]

Breaking! Austria to deport up to 50,000 Muslims

2016-09-28 10:01, news360.com

Austria plans to deport 50,000 failed asylum seekers within the next four years, after Vienna MPs last week approved a bill toughening admission policies for migrants. “I think 50,000 is realistic [in terms of a number to deport],” Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz stated. “But at the same time, it is clear that many of […]

VIDEO: ‘Welcome to hell’: Refugees met with THIS at camp

2016-09-26 11:37, news360.com

Tension is rising in all over Europe. Thousands or Refugees from the middle east are infiltrating all spheres of society. Dutch citizens are protesting…This what they did to “welcome” them Watch:

This tiny town in Georgia has received more Muslim refugees than LA and NYC Combined

2016-09-22 19:10, news360.com

Stone Mountain, Georgia — a city with just over 6,000 residents and a poverty rate well above the national average — has resettled more Syrian refugees than Los Angeles and New York City combined. Since October 1 (the start of the fiscal year), 72 Syrian refugees have been placed in Stone Mountain, State Department data […]

JUST IN: New Reports Claim France Is Preparing For Civil War With Muslims

2016-09-18 18:53, news360.com

No Western country has suffered more at the hands of Muslim migrants in the past year than France… After the country was overtaken by thousands of Muslim refugees, two massive terror attacks and countless smaller ones led to the death of hundreds of French nationals. Now, the European nation is finally fighting back. In an […]


2016-09-18 09:01, news360.com

If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will only continue President Obama’s policies. This includes stepping up the mass influx of “refugees” from Muslim countries. Although we have already seen the negative impact Muslims have had on Europe, a 2012 story shows that America is not immune. Consider an incident in Michigan where Muslims were caught […]

Obama Drops Everything To Celebrate Massive Muslim Holiday…

2016-09-15 11:03, news360.com

Is Obama a Muslim?. Though he has always denied these claims, what he just did on Monday raises many questions again… According to Western Journalism, Obama dropped everything to issue a statement in observance of the Muslim holiday Eid-al-Adha. Unsurprisingly, he shamelessly used this statement to further his agenda calling for more refugees to be allowed […]

Leaked Docs: Soros Group Spent $600K To Mainstream Pro-Refugee Attitudes

2016-09-08 12:12, news360.com

Leaked documents from left-wing financier George Soros’s Open Society Foundations continue to reveal the extent to which the group has influenced the political response to Europe’s refugee crisis. Internal documents show OSF used $600,000 in reserve funding in March 2016 to bring pro-refugee positions into the “political mainstream.” Jordi Vaquer, OSF’s regional director for Europe, [

Obama’s 10,000 Refugees Are Coming to America… How many of them are Christians?

2016-09-04 07:21, news360.com

Obama hit his goal this week of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees in America. Of the 10,801 refugees accepted in fiscal 2016 from the war-torn country, 56 are Christians, or .5 percent. According to Fox News: The numbers are disproportionate to the Christian population in Syria, estimated last year by the U.S. government to make up […]

Iraqi Refugee Linked To ISIS Arrested For Planting Two Bombs In Texas

2016-08-28 23:22, news360.com

Texas has been among the most vocal states in their opposition to the acceptance of Syrian refugees into the country. Now, their fears about the security threats refugees would pose are coming to fruition, right in front of Obama’s face. According to reports, an Iraqi refugee who came to Houston in 2009 is facing charges […]

VIDEO: Muslim refugee was shot after attacking a woman and a cop in Washington

2016-08-28 23:02, news360.com

10,000th Syrian reaches US this week in resettlement program. What could possibly go wrong? The man shot and killed by a police officer Wednesday in Kelso has been identified as a 27-year-old homeless man who has connections to Spokane. A Kelso police officer fatally shot Omer Ismail Ali after Ali allegedly attacked a gas station […]

BREAKING: Officials Find The Unthinkable In Muslim Refugee Camp – This Proves Trump Was Right…

2016-08-27 08:43, news360.com

Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal supporters all over the world are always talking about how “safe” Muslim refugees are. Stories like this, however, remind us that this could not be further from the truth. According to Mad World News, authorities in Europe have just announced that they uncovered fake passports printed by the Islamic State […]

Priest Welcomes Muslim Refugee into his House, This Happens NEXT

2016-08-02 15:45, news360.com

Father Vanderlee, 65, a priest in Belgium was stabbed after welcoming a “refugee” into his house to use the shower. According to the Sun, The suspect went to the priest’s house and asked if he could shower, and said he wanted to apply for asylum in The Netherlands Nieuwsblad reports. After the man showered he […]

Muslim Refugees THOUGHT They Could Take Over, Then These Bikers Showed Up

2016-07-31 11:29, news360.com

We’ve watched as Europe has descended into chaos, with millions of Muslim “refugees” taking over the continent. Now, a group of patriots are fighting back. According to reports, a group of “bikers, hooligans and bouncers” organized a migrant “manhunt” on Facebook. The group then went on to attack a gang of Pakistani migrants in Cologne, […]

Obama Admin Tells Gary Sinsie They Care More About Syrian Refugees Than Disabled Vets So He Did THIS… [VIDEO]

2016-07-24 17:12, news360.com

Actor Gary Sinise is most prominently know for his famous role in the movie “Forest Gump.” During the film, he played Lietenant Dan, a disabled veteran. The role put some things into perspective for Sinise, and ever since, he’s made it a priority to give back to our men and women in uniform. In fact, […]

Just few days after Nice, Man Axes 20 people on train SHOUTING These 2 Words…

2016-07-18 23:09, news360.com

A teenage Afghan refugee armed with an axe and knife injured four people on a train in southern Germany before being shot dead by police, officials say. Three people were seriously hurt and one suffered minor injuries in the attack in Wuerzburg, police said. Initial reports said up to 20 people had been injured but […]

Boston: “Syrian” Muslim refugee charged with SEX ATTACK on 13-YEAR-OLD GIRL at PUBLIC POOL

2016-07-09 17:01, news360.com

LOWELL — A 22-year-old Syrian refugee is behind bars after only two months in the United States after he was accused Thursday night of inappropriately touching a 13-year-old girl at a state-run swimming pool in Lowell. In Lowell District Court on Friday, Emad Hasso, of Lowell, was ordered held on $25,000 cash bail after pleading […]

Muslim Migrant Sexual Attack Crisis Comes to America: ‘Refugees’ Threaten Minnesota Community with Rape

2016-07-07 13:21, news360.com

Did anyone with a modicum of common sense expect that what was happening in Europe would not happen here? They are suffering more deeply, of course, because they imported millions of Muslims. The US moved more slowly, but Obama is accelerating the process. So expect the same kind of Islamic terror in American neighborhoods with […]

Disturbing Bombshell Leaks About Istanbul Terrorist – Obama Doesn’t Want You To See This

2016-07-03 08:21, news360.com

The world is still reeling from the recent terrorist attack at an Istanbul airport that left 44 people dead at the hands of ISIS bombers. Now, some disturbing bombshells have leaked about the mastermind behind the attack. According to Infowars, the mastermind has been identified as Chechen national Ahmed Chataev, a “refugee” who was protected by the European […]

Just Few Weeks After Orlando Massacre, Obama DID THIS To America…

2016-06-29 13:33, news360.com

What would a normal president do after the Orlando Massacre by a Islamic terrorist? Secure our borders, stop immigration etc. Well, not Obama! Breitbart reports the Obama administration has already admitted and placed dozens of Syrian refugees into Florida since the jihadist attack in Orlando just two Saturdays ago. From NCScooper.com, “Humanitarian workers will resettle […]

While Dems Were “Sitting” To Promote Gun Control, Obama DID THIS TERRIBLE THING!

2016-06-24 11:26, news360.com

Yesterday media blasted everywhere what happened in Congress. Democrats lawmakers doing a “sit-in” for gun control. Well, meanwhile Obama released another terrorist from Guantanamo Bay. Most probably this man will train a little more and will come back to fight our soldiers or enter our nation as a refugee. YEAH, it’s not the first time […]

VIDEO: Megyn Kelly Confirms That ISIS Has Infiltrated America with Refugees

2016-06-16 14:07, news360.com

“ISIS is trying to infiltrate [the Syrian refugees], and the Obama administration has admitted that they can’t effectively screen them. They lost track of 10,000 people who have terrorist ties, who they mistakenly gave visas into the U.S.” — Marc Thiessen A study from the Arab Opinion Index team of the Doha-based Arab Center for […]

Dalai Lama Warns America and Europe About Muslim Refugees – Obama SHOCKED!

2016-06-02 12:28, news360.com

The Dalai Lama this week had the temerity to suggest that maybe an unlimited flow of indefinitely housed refugees isn’t the greatest idea ever. “When we look into the face of every single refugee, especially the children and women, we can feel their suffering,” said the Tibetan spiritual leader, who has himself lived in exile […]

Huge Disproportion! Only Two Syrian Christians Admitted In U.S., Number Of Muslims…

2016-06-01 18:01, news360.com

SHOCKING NUMBERS!!!   The number of Syrian refugees admitted into the United States jumped to 1,037 during May – an increase of 130 percent over the previous month – but the proportion of Christians among them remains miniscule: two Christians (0.19 percent) compared to 1,035 Muslims. May’s figure of 1,037 Syrian refugees brings the total […]

It was a MUSLIM MAY in the USA for Syrian Refugees! Muslim’s 1,035 Christians 2

2016-06-01 17:20, news360.com

Does anyone still doubt that President Obama is a de facto Muslim?  If so just read the latest facts on the inflow of Syrian Refugees to the USA in May alone! The number of Syrian refugees admitted into the United States jumped to 1,037 during May, an increase of 130 percent over the previous month […]

Facebook, Twitter agree to EU hate speech rules…Is THIS the END for CONSERVATIVE News?

2016-06-01 10:03, news360.com

Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and YouTube agreed to European regulations that require them to review “the majority of” hateful online content within 24 hours of being notified — and to remove it. Hate speech and propaganda have become a major concern for European governments following terrorist attacks in Brussels and Paris, and amid the ongoing refugee crisis, which has inflame

41 Muslim “Refugees” in U.S. Arrested on Jihad Terror Charges

2016-05-27 16:45, news360.com

There have already been jihadis discovered among the refugees. There will be many more. The Lebanese education minister said there are 20000 active jihadists among the refugees in his country. The Islamic state said last February that they would be sending 400000 refugees into Europe. Following the discovery of a terrorist cell in Texas allegedly […]

Obama Refugees With Airborne Infectious Sickness Sent to This US. State…

2016-05-23 16:43, news360.com

Obama Refugees With Airborne Infectious Sickness Sent to This US. State… Four refugees sent to Indiana by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement in 2015 were diagnosed with active tuberculosis once they arrived in the Hoosier State, according to the Indiana Department of Health. Active tuberculosis (TB) is infectious, while so-called “latent TB” is not infectious. But 10 percent [

Muslim migrants are forcing Christian to take part in Islamic prayers!

2016-05-10 16:19, news360.com

Muslim migrants in Germany have been accused of forcing the Christian migrants in the refugee camps to take part in their Islamic prayers. The report came from the Christain organisation called Open Doors Germany, they have claimed to receive reports from half of the 231 Christian refugees that they have felt bullied and victimised for […]

Teen Girl in the STABBED IN THE FACE for Refusing SEX with “Refugee”

2016-05-05 16:48, news360.com

Karim Ageri stabbed a 17-year-old girl for refusing to have sex with him. The man is risking deportation after police arrested him in Sweden. Karim first tried to kiss the girl, then he tried to touch her and when she refused, he used a knife to cut her face twice. Karim tried to lie to the […]

Take these migrants or pay a fine, what would you choose?

2016-05-03 18:21, news360.com

Brussels is about to start fining nations for not accepting their quota of refugees, they plan to fine €250,000 for every refugee they refuse. Hungary is one of the nations that has refused to accept its quota of refugees that has been set in place by Brussels, the huge fine has been put in place […]

Fined for calling refugees “cattle”, “scum” and “trash”.

2016-05-03 18:16, news360.com

Lutz Bachmann the founder of Pegida, an anti-Islam protest movement has been fined €9,600 for his comments written on facebook calling refugees “cattle”, “scum” and “trash”. A court in Germany found Mr Bachmann guilty of racial incitement, saying his posts had fueled hatred against the refugees. The prosecutor also wanted for Mr Bachmann to serve […]

Norway has had enough with migrants! Comes up with absurd way of ‘asking’ them to leave

2016-04-26 18:51, news360.com

Europe has a refugee crisis and Norway has seen the devastation that has come to Sweden and have come up with a new absurd way of handling their own crisis. All refugees who chose to return home will be given $2,400 to cover the cost of travel expenses, the first 500 refugees to take the […]

Pope Dropped Christian Refugees, Takes ONLY MUSLIMS To Vatican Instead…This is WHY

2016-04-25 18:25, news360.com

Spokesman Massimiliano Signifredi called the incident ‘regrettable’ – adding: ‘The problem here is the three Syrians arrived after the March 20 deadline. They arrived just after the agreement between the European Union and Turkey. Mr Signifredi said: ‘Our staff went to Lesbos and spoke with the people who were selected. But everything was decided by […]

Come on America, let’s do the same! Pro-Gun, Anti-migrant, right wing party wins big in Austria!

2016-04-25 13:31, news360.com

The right-wing Freedom Party (FPÖ)candidate Norbert Hofer won 36.4 percent, giving the party it’s the best result after running a campaign focusing on being anti-migrant and anti-EU. Heinz-Christian Strache, FPÖ leader said: “This is the beginning of a new political era. Today political history is being written in Austria.” 100,000 refugees have entered Austria since the sum

ISIS plot to massacre American tourists in Europe this summer

2016-04-19 11:38, news360.com

German and Italian intelligence agencies have discovered that terrorists in association with ISIS are planning attacks in Spanish, French and Italian resorts. ISIS terrorists plan to pose as refugees, selling souvenirs, ice cream and clothing to disguise themselves,  has been revealed in German newspaper BILD, claiming that terrorists aim to use suicide vests and bombs, others with […]

ISIS plot to massacre tourists in Europe this summer

2016-04-19 11:38, news360.com

German and Italian intelligence agencies have discovered that terrorists in association with ISIS are planning attacks in Spanish, French and Italian resorts. ISIS terrorists plan to pose as refugees, selling souvenirs, ice cream and clothing to disguise themselves,  has been revealed in German newspaper BILD, claiming that terrorists aim to use suicide vests and bombs, others with […]

COVER UP VIDEO: Parents, student CONFIRM Muslim “refugee” children choke, slap White kids

2016-04-17 06:27, news360.com

Last week an article by the Chronicle Herald detailed multiple instances of Syrian refugees assaulting Canadian children. The article featured comments by a woman nicknamed “Missy” who explained how her daughter had been choked with a chain and her son had been visibly threatened on the soccer field. The story was pulled soon after it […]

Canadian Media Is Hiding Muslim Refugee Violence Against School Children

2016-04-16 16:45, news360.com

COVER UP!!!   It appears that Canadian media is attempting to cover-up attacks against school children all for the sake of not upsetting liberals. Last week an article by the Chronicle Herald detailed multiple instances of Syrian refugees assaulting Canadian children. The article featured comments by a woman… who explained how her daughter had been choked […]

Can Muslim Immigrants Integrate? This Photo Suggests NO!

2016-04-12 12:56, news360.com

Do these look like people who share our values?? The following photo was taken of a group of Muslim refugee immigrants walking toward their final objective – Europe. What stands out to you in this photo? There are seven men, and only one woman. Why is the overwhelming majority of refugee immigrants young males? Anyway, […]

Grade School CHILDREN CHOKED WITH CHAINS, ATTACKED by Migrant… This Happened NEXT…

2016-04-10 16:15, news360.com

Concerned parents are reporting incidents of violence by refugee students at Chebucto Heights Elementary School. Reports of students choking, pushing, slapping and verbally abusing their fellow classmates are causing parents to worry about the school’s disciplinary action. “There has always been some fighting and bickering going on at the school but never to this degree,” […]

BREAKING: Brussels Terrorist “Man In The Hat” Identified! Originally From…

2016-04-08 16:53, news360.com

Guess who… According to a report in France’s Le Monde newspaper, the “man in the hat” of the Brussels terror plot could be Naim al-Hamed… a Syrian refugee. Hamed was born in Syria in 1988 and entered Europe amongst the wave of refugees who entered via Greece last year. Al-Hamed arrived at the same time of […]

Muslim ‘refugees’ face MASS EXPULSION, as European ships get ready to take them back to Turkey

2016-04-03 20:09, news360.com

Amnesty International accused Turkey on Friday of illegally forcing groups of Syrians to return to their conflict-torn country, saying the alleged expulsions showed the “fatal flaws” in a migrant deal agreed with the EU. The claim by Amnesty comes just days before Turkey is due to start taking back migrants expelled from the EU under […]

Muslims Start a “Peaceful” March…See What They DID…

2016-04-03 16:46, news360.com

Obama believes that most of the refugees that are coming to America will assimilate our culture and laws but check what they are doing in Germany with what liberal media called a “peaceful march”. Watch: Turkish nationalists in Germany, "With Allah's help, we shall conquer You". Is this vibrant cultural diversity? pic.twitter.com/iE5jzbJN0f — The Skull […]

VIDEO: Muslim refugees RIOT, SET CARS ABLAZE, ATTACK FIREFIGHTERS for 2nd night amid riots in Stockholm suburb

2016-03-28 08:36, news360.com

Muslim riots back …. in Sweden. Not only do these savages set cars ablaze; they attack the firefighters who respond to the calls. No one is ever prosecuted — the weak West cowers and hides and hopes the invaders will grow tired and stop. When, in fact, the opposite happens. Swedish law forbids police to […]

Is Pope Francis The Anti-Christ? BOLD Act To Make ONE World Religion…

2016-03-25 21:39, news360.com

WOW…   During Holy Week, Pope Francis washed the feet of Muslim refugees and other religion followers. The pontiff claimed we all worship the same God and are ‘integrated.’ “All of us together, Muslims, Hindus, Catholics, Copts, Evangelical [Protestants] brothers and sisters — children of the same God — we want to live in peace, […]

Sweden Cancels Earth Hour, Scared To Turn Off Lights Because Of Migrants

2016-03-19 15:17, news360.com

Lights on..   The refugee situation in Sweden has gotten so bad that they are afraid to turn off the lights. The Swedish city of Ostersund cancelled “Earth Hour” this year. The citizens of Ostersund, Sweden will skip Earth Hour this year because of recent rape cases by migrants says the Daily Mail. Girls, as […]

AP’s “Refugee Shot by Salt Lake City Police” is a Muslim Migrant Who Was Beating Homeless Man with Metal Bar

2016-03-14 15:16, news360.com

AP’s “Refugee Shot by Salt Lake City Police” is a Muslim Migrant Who Was Beating Homeless Man with Metal Bar Somali refugee Abdullahi Mohamed — critically wounded in a high-profile police shooting in Salt Lake City last month — fled to the U.S. from a refugee camp, where food was scarce, scorpions scurried everywhere and […]

Archbishop SLAMS European Gov’t On Syrian Refugee Crisis, Says Citizens Are NOT…

2016-03-11 23:37, news360.com

BOOM!!!   The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby,  said it is “outrageous” to characterize people concerned about admitting Syrian refugees as racist. He cautioned European governments about not listening to concerned citizens. “There is a tendency to say ‘those people are racist,’ which is just outrageous, absolutely outrageous,” Welby said. “Fear is a valid emotion at [&

What the…Government Funded Website Teaches Refugees How To…

2016-03-11 22:29, news360.com

Government Funded Website Teaches Refugees How To Have Sex… In 13 Different Languages An explicitly illustrated new website from the German Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) targeting migrants gives life lessons in sex, including different positions, prostitution, and how to engage in causal sex. Launched in late February as a means to aid integration, […]

SICK!!! Aid Workers Claim Refugee Children Are Being Raped In Calais Camp!

2016-03-04 20:42, news360.com

SICK!!!   According to The Independent, teenage boys are being raped in the Calais Jungle, aid workers have claimed. The refugee camps are said to lack child protection measures. Medics claim they have treated seven boys aged between 14 and 16 in the past six months who claimed to have been raped. They all had injuries […]

He’s Lost It! Pope Francis Says ‘Arab Invasion’ Will Bring UNITY To The World!!!

2016-03-04 19:58, news360.com

He’s lost it!!!   Pope Francis made claims that the current refugee crisis in Europe will eventually bring peace to the world. ‘Today we can talk about an Arab invasion. It is a social fact,’ he said in his to an audience of French Christians. Francis explained that the arrival of migrants, predominantly from Syria and Iraq, […]

While Everyone Was Distracted By Super Tuesday, Obama Secretly Did THIS

2016-03-03 23:58, news360.com

While Americans were all distracted with the primaries this week, Obama quietly continued with his plans to increase the flow of Syrian refugees into America. “We want to make sure that we can increase our numbers of refugees that are able to settle here,” said Felicia Escobar, special assistant to the president for immigration policy. “The need globally […]

15 Year Old Boy Stabbed To Death By Muslim Refugee For Protecting Young Girl From Sex Attack

2016-03-02 20:04, news360.com

According to recent reports, the Swedish media has been working to censor the murder of a student by a Muslim refugee. Reports indicate that a Lithuanian student, Arminas Pileckas, was murdered during the first day back at school by a Syrian refugee, after being bullied the previous semester. It is believed that this was a […]

This Syrian Refugee Did WHAT???

2016-03-01 08:52, news360.com

Highly unusual behavior for a Middle East migrant, and a Muslim at that… Aboud Dandachi, a 39-year-old high-tech professional who was forced to flee Syria’s ongoing civil war, has done something that is seemingly very out of character considering the behavior of most Syrian refugees. Dandachi, a Sunni Muslim, said his experiences in recent years […]

Actor Jude Law Thought He Would Be Embraced At A Migrant Camp…What Happened Next…

2016-02-29 21:51, news360.com

Jude Law got violated…   Actor Jude Law visited a migrant camp in Calais to show his support and heart for refugees. The camp is soon to be closed down so Law went to be an ambassador of hope. He didn’t expect that they would turn on him and other celebrity friends. “We were shocked […]

Obama’s Muslim ‘Refugees’ Spit On Cops – Then Get a BRUTAL Surprise

2016-02-29 11:47, news360.com

Obama is constantly claiming that Muslim “refugees” are peaceful people who just want to assimilate into our culture. Videos like this, however, shows what REALLY happens when a western country lets too many Muslim refugees in. When a bus carrying twenty refugees arrived at an asylum center in Germany, they were met by a group […]

Germany Lost Track Of THIS Many Refugees In 2015…FRIGHTENING!!!

2016-02-26 21:21, news360.com

Frightening!!!   According to Yahoo News, German authorities are unsure of the whereabouts of 130,000 asylum seekers. Out of some 1.1 million asylum seekers registered in 2015, “about 13 percent did not turn up at the reception centres to which they had been directed,” the government said in a written reply to a question from a […]

Muslim Refugee Slaps White Girl For Refusing To Have Sex With Him, Then THIS Happens [VIDEO]

2016-02-25 14:49, news360.com

President Barack Obama has made it clear that he does not see Islam as a threat. He does not see any dangers in allowing Syrian refugees to come into this country without adequate background checks. He argues that Muslims are a peaceful people, so he has turned a blind eye to the dangers of those […]

ALL HELL IS BREAKING LOOSE IN GERMANY: Citizens Want “Refugees” Gunned Down At Borders [VIDEO]

2016-02-22 16:59, news360.com

Enough is enough! German citizens are witnessing the fast-track decline of their nation. Does America need to look any further than Germany to see that bringing in hundreds of thousands (in Germany’s case millions) of Muslim men from countries who have no interest in assimilating in the Western world, is a serious threat to its […]

Why a Gay Muslim is Desperate to Stay in Israel

2016-02-22 10:24, news360.com

Is Israel tolerant, or foolish? A homosexual Palestinian Arab Muslim man has been assured by Israel’s Supreme Court that he will not be sent back to the Palestinian Authority-controlled West Bank, where he would face ridicule, torture and probably death. The man has been seeking asylum in Israel for years, once again debunking the myth […]

Group Of European Leaders Met To Strengthen Anti-Migrant Forces

2016-02-16 00:18, news360.com

Solution…   Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban thinks putting an impenetrable razor-wire border fence would be the best solution against large number of refugees pouring in from the Middle East to Western Europe. Orban believes a fence on Macedonia’s and Bulgaria’s borders with Greece is necessary because “Greece can’t defend Europe from the south” aga

Seven New Refugee Camps and Mosques To Be Built with Taxpayers Money…

2016-02-11 11:36, news360.com

Seven New Refugee Camps and Mosques To Be Built with Taxpayers Money… Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, has ordered his military to draft plans to house over 6,000 Muslims on a long-term basis at their military basis. The Department of National Defence has set aside hundreds of thousands of dollars for “religious support” that will […]

VIDEO: Donald Trump Says He Would Say THIS To Syrian Refugee Children…

2016-02-08 22:40, news360.com

Trump says…   Donald Trump stood on his immigration stance of foreign refugees during a campaign town hall in Salem, New Hampshire. An attendee asked Trump, “I’m wondering if you would be able to look at these children in the face and tell them that they’re not allowed to go to school in a community?” […]

EUROPE: MASS anti-Islam protests erupts; look who showed up in the crowd…

2016-02-07 22:58, news360.com

Via the Associated Press: Protesters rallied against Islam and immigration in several European cities Saturday, sometimes clashing with police or counter-demonstrators amid growing tensions over the massive influx of asylum-seekers to the continent. However, a familiar face showed up on some of the protesters’ signs. Donald Trump’s suggestion about temporarily banning Muslim immigrants in the

Germany’s Head Of Domestic Intelligence AFFIRMS Terrorists Are Disguised As Refugees

2016-02-05 19:30, news360.com

Terrorist are here…   Hans-Georg Maassen, the head Germany’s domestic intelligence agency (BfV), said the terrorist attacks in Paris last November had shown that Islamic State was deliberately planting terrorists among the refugees flowing into Europe. “Then we have repeatedly seen that terrorists … have slipped in camouflaged or disguised as refugees. This is a fact […]

ISIS Flag And “Pray To Allah Or Die” Written In Graffiti On School Wall…WOW!!!

2016-02-05 19:18, news360.com

SCARY…   An ISIS battle flag was painted on a school wall in Sweden with the words “Pray to Allah or Die” written in graffiti. Sweden has seen a surge in Islamic refugees in the past few months. Breitbart London reported, “What appears to be an Islamic State battle flag has been painted on the […]

SECRET IS OUT!!! Swedish Police CAUGHT Covering Up THOUSANDS Of Refugee Crimes!!!

2016-02-05 19:11, news360.com

SECRET IS OUT!!!   According to a report in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, Swedish police have covered up thousands of crimes involving migrants. The past four months of criminal migrant activity including violence and rape have been covered up and classified under a secret ‘291 refugee code’ designation. It is reported that around 5,000 incidents have […]

Russians WREAK HAVOC On Refugees Who Molested Their Women!!!

2016-02-05 18:15, news360.com

Russian ravages rapists…   Would-be rapist refugees were brutally assaulted by Russians after they groped and molested women at a night club on Saturday in Murmansk, Russia. The 51 refugees had previously been ordered to leave Norway for “bad behavior” and move to Russia. The refugees tried to flee the scene but were captured by a […]

BOOOOOM: Brave German girl pounds the hell out of muslim ‘refugee’ who was sexually harassing women

2016-02-04 07:35, news360.com

BOOOOOM: Brave German girl pounds the hell out of muslim ‘refugee’ who was sexually harassing women

Missouri Residents Say “NO” To Obama Moving Refugees Into Their Town!!!

2016-02-03 20:18, news360.com

NO!!!   Residents of Missoula, Montana gathered outside of they county courthouse on a cold, snowy day to protesting the Obama administration’s effort to plant foreign “refugees” into small cities in western Montana. “Amarillo is overrun with refugees,” said Karen Sherman, who just moved to Missoula, a college town that serves as home to the University […]

Syrian Refugee Attempts To Kill His Three Kids…This Is PITIFUL!!!

2016-02-02 15:50, news360.com

Pitiful… A Syrian refugee was arrested for attempted murder after allegedly throwing his three children from a window at their emergency accommodation center. German police in Lohmar received an emergency call from a man who reported seeing the children dropping one by one from the first-floor window of the asylum seekers centre. Two of the children had serious […]

Vet Denied Help Dies in the COLD, But Check What the Government gave to Refugees the SAME NIGHT

2016-02-01 17:58, news360.com

This horrible story just happened in Sweden but could easily happen in America too under the Obama’s admin.  According to Right Wing News:  This is what happens when bleeding heart liberals (is there any other kind?) decide that bringing in refugees is more important than addressing homelessness in their own nation. This happened in Sweden […]

18yr-old Muslim Refugee Did THIS ATROCITY To a 72yr-old Lady…will not be DEPORTED

2016-01-29 00:55, news360.com

A teen asylum seeker who raped a 72-year-old woman has been jailed for 20 months… (more here). 20 months?  Why not years? At the same time, it was revealed that after serving his sentence he will not be deported as the sentence is not more than three years, according to a report in the Kurier […]

Sweden to deport up to 80,000 refugees

2016-01-28 14:56, news360.com

Up to 80,000 refugees who arrived in Sweden last year will be expelled from the country over the next few years, the country’s interior minister said. Anders Ygeman told newspaper Dagens Industri that since about 45 percent of asylum applications are currently rejected, the country must get ready to send back tens of thousands of […]

German Women Have Armed Themselves With Guns And Pepper Spray Due to Muslim Refugees Rape Crisis  

2016-01-28 13:32, news360.com

German Women Have Armed Themselves With Guns And Pepper Spray Due to Muslim Refugees Rape Crisis     Germany is starting to have second thoughts… What should this say to America? Video from BBC News:

VIDEO: Thousands of Vigilante groups fight criminal Muslims gangs in the streets

2016-01-28 11:20, news360.com

While Obama insists that refugees pose little risk to American citizens, we are seeing reports of violence and rape in Western nations escalating as a result of their efforts. Now, German and French vigilante groups have just emerged, following an incident in which a group of ‘drunk and stoned’ migrant refugees sexually assaulted and robbed […]

FBI Stops Obama’s Syrian Refugee Program Right In Its Tracks

2016-01-27 18:40, news360.com

President Obama is facing more backlash than ever in his plans to bring in Syrian refugees after the FBI arrested two refugees on charges of terrorism. The two refugees, Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, 23, and Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, 24, were arrested in California and Houston, respectively. Both of these refugee turned terrorists were […]

ALERT: Facebook To Censor And Remove Conservative USERS for THIS REASON…

2016-01-27 16:10, news360.com

Facebook is submitting to Obama in a truly sickening way this week as they announce a new policy regarding dialogue that involves “hate speech” and “xenophobia” on European profiles in reference to the Muslim refugee crisis. According to World Daily Online, Facebook executives have created the “Initiative for Civil Courage Online” in Berlin, and it pledges […]

VIDEO: Liberals Visit Refugee Camp to Film WHAT’S HAPPENING, BIG REALITY CHECK!

2016-01-25 11:58, news360.com

A pro-immigration group wanted to prove to the world that many of these refugees are just victims. Little did they know, the only victims at that refugee camp were them. (View video below) The Daily Caller reported: “Two Dutch, pro-immigration filmmakers published a video Saturday of themselves getting brutally robbed at a refugee camp in […]

WHAT? Watch why Nation of Islam leader Farrakhan says Trump is RIGHT about Muslims

2016-01-21 18:17, news360.com

WHAT? Watch why Nation of Islam leader Farrakhan says Trump is RIGHT about Muslims Trump has suggested that we stop the invasion of refugees until we understand how ISIS is infiltrating them. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan called “wise” to be skeptical of Muslims immigrating into the U.S. According to the The Blaze: Speaking to […]

Shocking Video Shows ‘RAPEfugees’ Sexually Harassing a Woman

2016-01-21 11:07, news360.com

Let’s start with this, the government in Germany is giving out flyers to ‘refugees’ that says: “Please don’t poop in the showers or rape our women.” Yeah, they need to learn not to poop in public or rape random women. This is INSANE! Here’s a picture of the front cover of the flyer: In Sweden […]

Facebook Could Censor And Remove You For Talking About Muslim Refugees…

2016-01-20 00:15, news360.com

Censorship…   Facebook is taking action to fight against ‘hate speech’ in Europe after many ‘xenophobic’ comments have arisen following brutal attacks from refugees in Europe. Facebook launched the “Initiative for Civil Courage Online” in Berlin, pledging over 1 million euros (1 million pounds) to aid non-governmental organizations to counter ‘

Muslims STOPPED Working to Pray… Employer Has a Shocking NEWS for Them! Enough is Enough

2016-01-19 13:32, news360.com

Muslims STOPPED Working to Pray… Employer Has a Shocking NEWS for Them! Enough is Enough. More and more refugees are flooding our states and explyers have to deal with them and how they want to impose Sharia law on us. Under American law, the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission states that “an employer does not have […]

ISIS-Collaborating Refugee Attempted To Blow Up Two Houston Malls…

2016-01-18 20:50, news360.com

WOW…   An Iraqi refugee is facing charges for trying to help ISIS set off bombs at two Houston malls, including the popular Galleria mall. Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, came to Houston, Texas in 2009 and was indicted last week on three charges, including attempting to provide support to a terrorist organization. Al Hardan […]

Sniper classes for ‘refugees’! If you thought our government’s mad, just take a look at what…

2016-01-17 12:17, news360.com

Obama, Hollande, Merkel – they all do stupid things when it comes to Islamist refugees. But the prize for “Most Insane Government Putting Their Own People in Danger” must surely go to Sweden! Because it’s just come out that the Swedish governmen is using taxpayers’ money to fund sniper training coursse for recently-arrived Muslim and […]

Muslim Rapist Arrives In America; Liberal Media SILENT!

2016-01-17 12:08, news360.com

His name is Walid Mustafa Chalhoub and he’s been plead guilty of drugging, raping and filming 24 women. He loves to find white fragile girls, get them drunk and high, rape them and film them to sell the movies online. He was allowed in America thru a “refugee VISA” One 16-year-old victim testified: “He said […]

Trump AMPS Up His Stance Against Muslim Refugees, Says They Could Potentially…

2016-01-15 19:42, news360.com

Trojan horse…   During the Republican Presidential Debate last night on Fox Business, presidential hopeful Donald Trump explained why opening American borders could lead to our destruction. The Republican front-runner explained how a no-gun policy Paris was easily attacked and claimed it is only the beginning of future attacks. “You look at [San Bernardino] California, […]

MUSLIM Refugee Kicks Woman in the Face, Breaks Her Cheekbone, When She Resists…

2016-01-15 18:04, news360.com

The Iraqi citizen molested and harassed two young women in the early morning of January 6 on the station forecourt in Schwetzingen. When they urged him unequivocally, to refrain from doing so, he kicked her in the face. The woman suffered a painful broken cheekbone and was hospitalized. The suspect had only been living in […]

Obama’s “Peaceful Refugees” are Bringing a new Arab Game, You Won’t Believe What the Rules Are.

2016-01-15 16:07, news360.com

Obama’s “Peaceful Refugees” are Bringing a new Arab Game, You Won’t Believe What the Rules Are. An Arab game called ‘taharrush gamea’ (which translates roughly to “collective harrassment”) has spread to Germany. This is one of the most sickening things I’ve ever seen. In the game, a group of Muslim men will identify a single […]

Biker Gangs Are Attacking Muslim ‘Refugees’ After Multiple Rape in the Country

2016-01-15 12:52, news360.com

1,700 people in Germany turned out for a rally where demonstrators waved anti-migrant banners and called for the ouster of Angela Merkel. Europe’s goodwill towards refugees gradually evaporates as even “compassionate” Westerners run out of patience in the face of what’s perceived as a growing threat to the region’s culture and security. Reports now indicate […]

Houston We Have a Problem! Refugee Arrested before He Did This To Our Malls…

2016-01-14 14:48, news360.com

An Iraqi refugee who is facing charges he tried to help the Islamic State group wanted to set off bombs at two Houston malls and was learning to make electronic transmitters that could be used to detonate explosive devices, a federal agent testified Wednesday. Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, who came to Houston from Iraq […]

She was a harmless 75-yr-old Woman, but that didn’t STOP Muslim ‘refugees’ from…

2016-01-14 14:11, news360.com

Thanks to the staggering rise of Muslim immigrants, sexual assaults have increased 500% in the Scandinavian country. Is this how we are supposedly “enriched” by diversity? From the Counter Jihad Report: With Muslims represented in as many as 77 percent of the rape cases and a major increase in rape cases paralleling a major increase […]

3 YEAR-OLD TODDLER GANG-RAPED by many in Muslim Refugee Center

2016-01-14 00:49, news360.com

3 YEAR-OLD TODDLER GANG-RAPED by many in Muslim Refugee Center Obama is unmoved by relentless migrant attacks across Europe. He vows to bring in hundreds of thousands of these invaders. Well, Obama, read this… A three-year-old refugee has allegedly been raped at an asylum centre in Norway’s Stavanger, the country’s third largest city. Local police […]

Muslim Refugees Violently Rape 17-yr-old Girl but What They Do to Her Sister Is…

2016-01-13 18:03, news360.com

Girl, 17, is ‘raped’ and her 14-year-old sister is sexually assaulted as she tried to save her when group of Syrian migrants surrounded them at German public swimming pool. Three Syrian teenagers have been arrested for an attack on a girl at a swimming pool in Germany, as the country grapples with growing concerns about […]

MUST-WATCH: Trump Fights Back at Criticism from Obama & Nikki Haley

2016-01-13 17:43, news360.com

President Obama seemed to go after Donald Trump in his State of the Union address for his views toward Muslim refugees.  The president called on Americans to “reject any politics that targets people because of race or religion.” “When politicians insult Muslims, when a mosque is vandalized, or a kid bullied, that doesn’t make us […]

VIDEO of Integrated Muslim Youth: ‘Christians Are Disgusting Pork Eaters, We Would Never Be Friends With Them’

2016-01-12 11:52, news360.com

“They don’t belong with us.” They disgust me. And these girls aren’t even wearing hijab but the supremacism and hatred endemic to the islamic culture infects everything. This i how well these refugees intagret into a western christian culture….SICK! Watch:

BREAKING: Terrorists Disguised As Refugees Have Snuck Into America and KILLED 2 Soldiers

2016-01-11 23:37, news360.com

President Obama has made it clear that he intends to move forward with his plan for Islamic refugees, this puts us all in danger. He has forgotten that: In May of 2010, Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistani Radical Islamic terrorist, attempted a car bombing in Times Square in New York City. Fortunately, the ignition of the […]

German Citizens Take Over The Streets To Protest Merkel And “Rapefugees”…

2016-01-09 22:22, news360.com

Merkel out..   Supporters of the xenophobic PEGIDA movement took to the streets of the western city of Cologne. Germans are disgusted with Chancellor Merkel’s lax stance after sexual attacks were made on German citizens by refugees. The protestors carried signs bearing the slogan “Rapefugees not welcome” and chanted “Merkel out.” “Merkel has become a dange

EUROPE’S DOWNFALL IN 3 PICTURES: It was all koom-ba-ya, until the ‘refugees’ showed their true colors and shocked finally shocked Europe

2016-01-09 17:18, news360.com

Everyone wants to help those in need, but there is a difference between helping people and being naive to the dangers of doing so.   These three pictures sum up the catastrophe facing Europe due to their total indifference to the potential dangers of immigration. KOOM-BA-YA EUROPE IS ALL SMILES: This next picture is a […]

Another 41 Muslim “Refugees” in U.S. Arrested on ISIS Terror Charges, This is Where

2016-01-09 10:39, news360.com

The Washington Free Beacon has learned of an additional 41 individuals who have been implicated in terrorist plots in the United States since 2014, bringing the total number of terrorists discovered since that time to 113. The disclosure of these additional 41 individuals linked to terror operations—many already identified as immigrants. The Obama administration ha […]

She was a strong supporter of bringing muslim ‘refugees’ to Sweden…yet this was her fate

2016-01-09 10:25, news360.com

Shhe was a member of the “We Like Diversity” Facebook page, called herself “multicultural” and a supporter of Third-world immigration into Sweden, the country of her birth. Maybe in those last few moments of life, she changed her mind about a few things, as if it made any difference. On that day, Elin and her african immigrant killer […]

Thousands Of German Vigilantes Rise To Rid The Streets Of Muslim Rapists And Thugs!!!

2016-01-08 17:31, news360.com

Citizens take control… A German vigilante group has emerged after a mob of ‘drunk and stoned’ migrant refugees sexually assaulted and robbed a slew of women in the streets of Cologne. The Facebook group called ‘Dusseldorf is Watching’ is now at 8000 members strong and vowing to protect and make the streets of Germany safer. […]

Texas: Muslim refugee arrested in Houston in ISIS jihad-terror plot

2016-01-08 04:07, news360.com

Texas: Muslim refugee arrested in Houston in ISIS jihad-terror plot There is no way to distinguish jihadis and Islamic supremacists from peaceful refugees. I applaud the FBI for today’s arrest of this dangerous subject. However, this is precisely why I called for a halt to refugees entering the U.S. from countries substantially controlled by terrorists,” […]

The Rape Epidemic by ‘Refugees’ in Finland Has Reached the Point Where Fins have Given Up…

2016-01-05 13:13, news360.com

Is rampant rape the price Finnish women must pay for giving asylum to Muslim migrants?  Finland, now, has become “one of the least safe countries in Europe for women,” according to Finland’s leading newspaper, “all because of the Muslim influx.” crimes committed by asylum seekers have increased dramatically. Swedish-language asked a criminologist who says having […]

2 Syrian Refugees Claiming To Be Christian Converts Just Got ARRESTED for This SCARY Thing

2016-01-04 18:04, news360.com

Two brothers Karim e Shaahd El Kunani, were just arrested in Genova, Italy while trying to fly to London, UK. The Italian secret service caught them with false passports and photos of terrorist weapons and war scenes on their phones. Officers believe that they were sent by ISIS to “Test” the European Airport security. The […]

This Is How Muslims Celebrate New Year’s Eve…Refugees? NO! INVADERS

2016-01-03 10:57, news360.com

This Is How Muslims Celebrate New Year’s Eve…Refugees? NO! INVADERS “Over 800 cars set ablaze in France on New Year’s Eve.” A total of 804 vehicles were set aflame in all of France on New Year’s Eve. The 2014-2015 celebrations saw 940 cars burned. Burning automobiles as a way to ring in the new year […]

Comedic Icon Jerry Lewis BRUTALLY Slams Obama And Praises Trump…WATCH THIS!!!

2015-12-29 15:52, news360.com

Lewis on Obama, Trump, Refugees, and Reagan…   Famed comedian icon Jerry Lewis dismantles Obama and praises Donald Trump on their refugee stances. “Refugees should stay where the hell they are,” said Lewis. He continued, “Hey, no one has worked harder for the human condition than I have, but they’re not part of the human […]

HORROR VIDEO: 20 muslim ‘refugees’ rape an 11 year girl in a public bath…

2015-12-28 19:21, news360.com

HORROR IN SWEDEN: 20 muslim ‘refugees’ rape an 11 year girl in a public bath… Swedes in a state of total shock

Reality Check: Liberals Invited Refugees in their Homes, this just happened to them

2015-12-28 18:24, news360.com

Reality Check: Liberals Invited Refugees in their Homes, this just happened to them In July, the headline read “Meet the angels who opened their hearts and home to 143 lost strangers,” and the left was drooling over the couple who followed their socialist values to the letter. Andrew and Rae Wartnaby opened up their 50-acre […]

Here’s the Refugee Video OBAMA Doesn’t NOT WANT You To See…It’s UP AGAIN!

2015-12-26 18:15, news360.com

This video was taken down from YouTube several times, now it’s on a dutch website. You’ll soon see why it was taken down. Liberals are afraid to show what’s really going on in Europe right now. As Breitbart says “With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations’, a slick, hard-hitting film about the […]

Muslim “refugees” in Italy revolt over lack of…

2015-12-24 10:39, news360.com

A group of refugees in the north of Italy have emptied their rubbish into the streets, furious that their requests for a cleaner and Wi-Fi have not been met. The 24 protesting refugees from sub-Saharan Africa have been asking for somebody to help them maintain order at the duplex villa in the town of Ceranova, […]

You Won’t Guess How Many Muslim Refugees Have Come Into Europe In 2015…

2015-12-22 17:25, news360.com

SHOCKING NUMBERS!!!   The European Union has admitted a startling number of refugees and migrants this year. U.N. refugee agency and the International Organization for Migration said over 1 million refugees and migrants have arrived by land and sea, with over being Syrians fleeing the war. Almost a quarter were Afghans and almost 10 percent […]

There’s Now A CLASS To Teach Muslim Migrants To Stop THIS TERRIBLE CRIME…

2015-12-21 21:58, news360.com

In the Nordic countries, they’ve opened their doors to thousands of Middle Eastern refugees – with one disastrous consequence: A huge spike in sexual assault. It turns out the refugees are really keen on raping women, so much so that the Norwegian government has started offering classes to teach refugees how to stop raping women. […]

Syrian Refugees Bringing Flesh-Eating Disease into U.S.

2015-12-21 13:05, news360.com

Health agencies confirmed that Syrian refugees have transported leishmaniasis to Lebanon and Turkey, where it has been difficult to manage and treat. Leishmaniasis is a disease caused by protozoanparasites of the genus Leishmania and spread by the bite of certain types ofsandflies. The symptoms of leishmaniasis are skin sores which erupt weeks to months after […]

Are Americans REALLY In Favor Of Trump’s Muslim Ban? Here Are The Results….

2015-12-20 00:18, news360.com

Are Americans in favor of Trump’s ban??? Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the U.S. has been a focal point of talk across the country. His proposal followed the San Bernardino killings at the hands of Islamic terrorists. The biggest terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. While the […]

Canadian Children Sing This Islamic Song To Welcome Muslim Refugees…OH THE IRONY!!!

2015-12-18 16:27, news360.com

This is absolutely crazy…   A day after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne welcomed 163 Syrian refugees into the country, this video has surfaced. The video shows a Canadian children’s choir singing one of the oldest Islamic songs “Tala‘ al-Badru ‘Alayna”. The song celebrates when Muhammad arrived in Medina after […]

SCARY: New Report Exposes How Many Muslim Refugees Are ALREADY in AMERICA

2015-12-17 23:34, news360.com

SCARY: New Report Exposes How Many Muslim Refugees Are ALREADY in AMERICA According to Fox News: Some 102,313 Syrians were granted admission to the U.S. as legal permanent residents or through programs including work, study and tourist visas from 2012 through August of this year, a period which roughly coincides with the devastating civil war […]

Liberals Are Confused After What Happened To This Man At The Hands Of Muslim Refugees…LOOK OUT!!!

2015-12-17 15:44, news360.com

This will come to America…   What will liberals who welcome Muslims refugees with open arms say when they start being attacked? Two Muslim immigrants in Sweden have been charged with a brutal hate crime and murder after they attacked and left a gay man dead. The two men are Moroccan refugees, a predominately Muslim […]

What Obama Did To San Bernardino Victims’ Families is HORRIBLE! Instead He DID THIS for Muslims

2015-12-17 12:49, news360.com

Weeks after 14 people died during the attack in San Bernardino, Obama spoke but not for them… White house just released this: “The president will speak about the American tradition of being a welcoming society and the incredible contributions of immigrants and refugees to our nation” According to Conservative Tribune: The event was informally kicking […]

Two Suspects of Paris Attacks Arrested in Refugees Center in…

2015-12-16 18:18, news360.com

Two people have been arrested at a refugee center in the Austrian city of Salzburg on suspicion of being connected to last month’s Paris attacks, the Salzburg prosecutors’ office said on Wednesday. The two are men who are thought to have provided help to members of the group that carried out the attacks on Nov. […]


2015-12-15 22:18, news360.com

The world has not control over the tsunami of Muslim refugees. This video should go viral, it exposes what’s really happening out there. Watch:

What They Found On Hundreds Of Muslim Refugees Cell Phones Is DISTURBING!!!

2015-12-14 23:40, news360.com

America is next…   Muslim immigrants entering the country of Norway brought in something the Norwegian authorities never expected. The Police Immigration Service (PU) in Norway has been working overtime to check asylum seekers fleeing into their borders. It is known that ISIS is using the opportunity to pose as immigrants or influence immigrants to […]

Hundreds of “Refugees” Caught With Images of ISIS Flags, This is Where…

2015-12-14 15:43, news360.com

Authorities have discovered images of ISIS flags and severed heads on the cellphones of hundreds of asylum seekers crossing into Norway, highlighting concerns about terrorists exploiting the migrant crisis to infiltrate jihadists into Europe. According to the report, after searching luggage and mobile phones belonging to migrants, police have logged “hundreds” of examples of “photos […

Refugee” screening official questioned about Syrian program; her answer is SHOCKING

2015-12-14 00:44, news360.com

Refugee” screening official asked about Syrian program; her answer is SHOCKING The Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Screening Coordination in the Department of Homeland Security had one job Thursday: answer questions about the review of Syrian refugees. She couldn’t do it. “I would like to see if you could give us some numbers, […]

This Is BAD!!! Top FBI Official Says ISIS Obtained The Capability To…

2015-12-10 23:35, news360.com

OH MY…   As President Barack Obama prepares to let thousands of Syrian refugees enter our U.S. borders, the U.S. intel has discovered that ISIS may have obtained a passport printing machine and blank passports. The machine has made it capable for ISIS to print Syrian passports that look completely authentic. “Since more than 17 […]

Muslim ‘refugees’ have a dark message to the World, “open your borders or…”

2015-12-09 11:38, news360.com

A group of angry migrants have been stopped at a European border holding home-made signs saying “OPEN OR DIE”. As hordes of migrants continue to pour into Europe, an increasing number of European nations have erected fences to attempt to stem the flow. H/T: Britain First

This Surpasses Our Worst Fears: Homeland Security Chair: Obama Covering Up Evidence ISIS Is Aiming At… [VIDEO]

2015-12-08 17:14, news360.com

Rep. Michael McCaul said: “I can reveal today that the United States Government has information to indicate that individuals tied to terrorist groups in Syria have already attempted to gain access to our country through the U.S. Refugee Program.” Watch complete State of Homeland Security Address from Rep. Michael McCaul here: http://cs.pn/1SIUvzv Today I gave the […]

Norway Is PAYING Syrian Refugees To LEAVE Its Borders And GO HOME!!!

2015-12-07 23:55, news360.com

Norway is paying refugees to leave!   Norway is so overrun with asylum seekers from Syria, Iraq and the Middle East that it has began to pay refugees to leave and go home. Katinka Hartmann, head of the immigration department’s return unit (UDI) says the situation is dire. “They thought they would have the opportunity […]

Obama Is EXPOSED! New Info Says ISIS Has Tried To Enter U.S. As Syrian Refugees!!!

2015-12-07 22:36, news360.com

ISIS among Syrian Refugees…   President Barack Obama has not yet made any announcement, but House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul said that ISIS has tried to infiltrate Syrian refugees to enter the United States. McCaul made the announcement while speaking in Washington D.C. at the National Defense University. “ISIS members in Syria […]

Actor James Woods Exposes Obama Stupidity About Muslim Refugees with a brutal picture

2015-12-06 00:12, news360.com

Actor James Woods Exposes Obama Stupidity About Muslim Refugees with a brutal picture In his weekly address today, President Obama referred to the San Bernardino attack as an “act of terror,” and in response vowed to find a way to … defeat the NRA by instituting much tougher gun laws in the U.S. As for […]

VIDEO: What This Truck Driver DID To STOP Muslim Refugees Climbing Aboard is BRILIANT

2015-12-05 12:46, news360.com

From THE SUN A LORRY driver bound for Britain hung pork off the back of his truck to stop Muslim migrants climbing into the back. A clip posted on YouTube seems to show a German truck waiting at Calais with at least four parts of a pig attached to the rear bumper. Islam strictly forbids […]

Texas Just Gave ‘Offended’ Muslims VERY BAD NEWS

2015-12-04 18:45, news360.com

According to American News, Texas has just announced that they will be suing any private organization that takes in Obama’s precious Syrian “refugees.” “Failure by your organization to cooperate with the State of Texas as required by federal law may result in the termination of your contract with the state and other legal action,” Texas […]

Shipment of 800 Shotguns from Turkey to “Refugees” Europe Seized By…

2015-12-03 11:49, news360.com

Caught Red Handed: Shipment of 800 Shotguns Headed to Islamic Refugees in Europe Were Seized By Italian Police. A shipment of almost 800 pump-action shotguns has been captured on the way from Turkey to Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany WATCH:

California Shooting, The Suspect is…

2015-12-02 23:05, news360.com

FAROOQ SAEED is suspect’s name in #SanBernadino Mass Shooting. A typical refugee Muslim name… More info coming

WOW! U.S. Funded United Nations Education Agency Encourages JEW KILLING!!!

2015-12-02 16:46, news360.com

This is wrong!!!   A largely U.S. funded organization is continuing it’s Palestinian brainwashing of children to incite violence against Jews. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has promised to correct its education system but has continued to fail. UNRWA imposed some temporary suspensions on some […]

They Tried To Bring In Refugees To The U.S. Texas Said, “NOPE. GO BACK HOME!”

2015-12-02 12:11, news360.com

According to reports Texas is ready to sue any aid groups that allow refugees into the state under Obama’s executive order. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott EXPLAINS: ‘Given the tragic attacks in Paris,’ he explained in a letter to Obama, ‘and the threats we have already seen, Texas cannot participate in any program that will result […]

What Muslims In Europe Are Doing To Recruit Terrorists…America IS Next…

2015-12-02 01:15, news360.com

If you think this won’t happen in America, you’re kidding yourself…   Refugees fleeing into Europe are being lured into Islamic extremism by welcoming Muslims. Muslims fleeing from Syria into Germany are promised food, transportation, shelter, community and a place to worship. ‘They start by saying, “We will help you live your faith”,’ said Torsten [&

VIDEO: Refugees Attack Truck Driver, HE gets FED UP and Does The Unthinkable…

2015-11-30 17:33, news360.com

VIDEO: Refugees Attack Truck Driver, HE gets FED UP and Does The Unthinkable… A truck driver films what’s going on the highway between France and Great Britain. The video shows many migrants self-smuggling in order to get themselves across the border into Great Britain. “There is a lot of them again,” the driver says. “Here […]

Woman Was Gang-Raped By Refugees For Hours But Then She did Something Totally CRAZY

2015-11-30 16:33, news360.com

Woman Was Gang-Raped By Refugees For Hours But Then She did Something Totally CRAZY Refugee men took turns to rape and beat a Swedish young girl for hours. The woman found herself sharing a compartment with three Arab men, whom she immediately took pity on because they were ‘poor refugees’ and bought them sandwiches. The […]

ALERT: “Refugees” Now Attending Radical Islamic Mosque…This is Happening RIGHT NOW

2015-11-30 09:33, news360.com

Radical Islamists are now recruiting “forces” among the refugees that just landed in Germany. The Wall Street Journal, citing interviews with security officials from across Germany, reports that an increasing number of refugees are attending services at mosques that investigators believe attract extremists. Some of the ISIS terrorists who killed 130 people in Paris earlier […]

VIDEO: Muslim ‘Refugees’ Attack Police Officers and THIS happened to them

2015-11-29 21:02, news360.com

VIDEO: Muslim ‘Refugees’ Attack Police Officers and THIS happened to Them. Police in Macedonia fired tear gas and stun grenades at desperate migrants stranded for days at the Greek border and who are demanding passage to western Europe, as soldiers began erecting a metal fence to keep them out. Saturday’s violence broke out after one […]

American Mainstream Media Censors Massive Protest AGAINST Syrian Refugees…This is WHY…

2015-11-27 11:14, news360.com

170,000 Polish patriots marched through the capital to end Islamic invasion in their country. Check this out: Did you see this anywhere in our American mainstream media? I don’t think so! They completely censored it from American eyes, lest they be inspired to stand up against Obama’s sinister plans to import up to 200,000 so-called […]

PROOF: ISIS Has Hidden Among Syrian Refugees In Europe! America IS Next…

2015-11-27 00:22, news360.com

ISIS is in Europe!!! A federal police chief told the Austria Free Press is claiming that ISIS is entering into Europe with Syrian migrants. Their goal? Carry out more attacks in European cities. The police chief, Hans-Geog Maasen, says that ISIS is planning ‘combat missions’ in Europe. According to the Austria Press Agency, Mr Maasen said […]

Obama DISRESPECTS America’s Founders On Thanksgiving! Compares Them To…

2015-11-26 23:56, news360.com

Obama went out of his way to say…   President Barack Obama addressed the U.S. in his weekly address on Thanksgiving. Obama is fighting to accept Syrian refugees despite backlash from many in Congress and state officials. The president compared Syrian refugees to the Pilgrims on the Mayflower. “Nearly four centuries after the Mayflower set […]

Man With AR-15s Stand Outside Muslim Mosque in Texas! He Releases A Message They Will Never Forget

2015-11-24 00:11, news360.com

Members of an anti-Islam group protested outside a mosque in Irving, TX. They were armed with guns and appeared in opposition to plans for Syrian refugees to be settled in the United States. “I may look like their version of a racist but I’m not. I’m not even a racist here. I just don’t want […]

Muslims Refugees Spend Hours Beating Christian Man in Maine, This Happened Next…

2015-11-23 23:56, news360.com

3 Muslim immigrants beat a Christian man to death in Portland, Maine. Three Somali-Americans, Mohamud Mohamed, 36, and Osman Sheikh, 31, Abil Teshome, 23, brutally beat and murdered Freddy Akoa, 49. The attack allegedly took place over the span of several hours, in which Akoa suffered cuts and bruises all over his body, a lacerated […]

This Muslim ‘Refugee’ Video Got Over 1.5 Million Views Before It Was Banned

2015-11-22 23:39, news360.com

This Muslim ‘Refugee’ Video Got Over 1.5 Million Views Before It Was Banned Breitbart reported that a video had been posted to Youtube showing just how bad the refugee crisis has gotten. The video went viral, garnering over 1.5 million views before it was deleted from Youtube because of “copyright infringement.” However, before it was […]

72-Yr-Old Woman Raped in Her House by Muslim Refugee…This Happened Next

2015-11-22 00:02, news360.com

72-Year-Old Woman Raped in Her Own Backyard by Muslim Refugee Let’s see if we have the facts in proper order, -The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim -The Beltway Snipers were Muslims -The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim -The underwear Bomber was a Muslim -The U.S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims -The Madrid Train Bombers were […]

Obama Lied About Refugees Nationality and Sex, But Here’s the TRUTH in his face…

2015-11-20 23:23, news360.com

Obama is mocking conservatives for fearing 2-year-olds and women. Obama says only 2% of refugees are young men…is that true? 1. 70% of refugees believe and support SHARIA LAW. 2. Many believe terrorism is OKAY in same cases..like PARIS. 3. Obama told us that they are all from Syria..WRONG! According to the United Nations: • […]

Muslim Nations Refuse To Take A SINGLE Refugee, This is WHY

2015-11-20 17:00, news360.com

Muslim Nations Refuse To Take A SINGLE Refugee, This is WHY Five of the wealthiest Muslim countries have taken no Syrian refugees in at all, arguing that doing so would open them up to the risk of terrorism. Lebanon, which has 1.1 million Syrian refugees, shut her borders to the Syrians in June of last year. […]

Eight Muslims STOPPED at Airport – What They Had On Them Is SCARYING

2015-11-20 10:22, news360.com

Eight men who are believed to be members of ISIS were detained at Ataturk Airport in Turkey. According to IJ Review, the men were planning enter Europe as Syrian refugees. Authorities found a handwritten note on one of the terrorists listing migration route from Istanbul to Germany via Greece, Serbia and Hungary. In a disturbing […]

Breaking: Federal Agent Discover Something CRAZY At TEXAS Border…ISIS is on the MOVE!

2015-11-20 09:54, news360.com

Eight Syrian “refugees” tried to illegally enter the United States from Mexico. Two federal agents stopped the 2 immigrants at the Juarez Lincoln Bridge in Laredo, Texas. “Border Patrol agents who we represent have been contacting our organization to voice concerns about reports from other agents that Syrians crossed the U.S. border from Mexico in […]

Trump DEFIES Obama! Says If Elected He Will Do THIS To All Syrian Refugees… WHOA!!!

2015-11-19 20:33, news360.com

Donald Trump is getting more brazen…   Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had much to say about the Syrian refugees, Obama and Islam in a new interview with Yahoo News. Trump is advocating for increased security measures in the U.S. after the terror attacks in Paris. Trump said that “security is going to rule” in […]

Eight Syrian Refugees ARRESTED At Texas Border! TRUMP Says…

2015-11-19 15:06, news360.com

Donald Trump is dead serious…   Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is serious about building a wall if he becomes president. Trump has spoken on several instances that he would build a wall to protect Americas borders. This notion has earned him voters who feel the same. It was confirmed that eight Syrian refugees were […]

Trump Is Calling For ALL Concealed Carry Permit Holders To Do THIS…

2015-11-19 04:17, news360.com

Donald Trump has news for all concealed carry holders…   Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is serious about the right to bear arms. Our country is at a time of potential threat from ISIS terrorists and with an influx of Syrian refugees, many are on high alert. Trump issued a statement to Breitbart calling for all […]

Breaking: 8 new Muslim refugees arrested because ISIS terrorists, this is what they found…

2015-11-18 21:52, news360.com

Breaking: 8 new Muslim refugees arrested because ISIS terrorists, this is what they found… Eight Muslim refugees that are part of ISIS were just apprehended in Turkey at Ataturk Airport. They entered Europe as “refugees”. From IJReview: Eight men were detained at Ataturk Airport in Turkey, and they are believed to be members of ISIS, […]

VIDEO: Ted Cruz Challenges Obama: ‘Insult Me to My Face,’ Let’s Debate Refugee Plan

2015-11-18 18:07, news360.com

Ted Cruz Challenges Obama: ‘Insult Me to My Face,’ Let’s Debate Refugee Plan 2016 Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz challenges President Obama to a debate over the Syrian refugee plan Wednesday in Washington, D.C. Watch: (wait for the video to load)

2151 Refugees Just Entered the US, 2098 of them ARE…

2015-11-18 17:56, news360.com

2151 Syrian refugees have thus far been admitted to the United States– 2098 of them are Muslims, while only 53 are Christians. According to CNSNews.com, who looked at the data, only 53 Syrian Christian refugees have been allowed into America, compared to 2,098 Syrian Muslims. Even though Christians in Syria are suffering the most, they […]

Congress Just Released New PLAN To END Obama’s Muslim Refugees Plan

2015-11-18 17:19, news360.com

Speaker Paul Ryan is moving toward a House vote Thursday on legislation to “pause” the resettlement of Syrian refugees to the U.S., as the White House struggles to save the program from mounting political opposition in the aftermath of the Paris attacks. “We cannot let terrorists take advantage of our compassion,” Ryan said Tuesday after […]

U.S. State Welcomes First Muslim Refugees and THIS Happened Right After…WE TOLD YOU!!

2015-11-17 22:46, news360.com

We hate to say that we told you, but this is happening according to Wrstern Journalism: TV station WBRZ has reported that one Syrian refugee resettling in Baton Rouge simply walked away from the agency that was supposedly in charge of the person and the process. “Catholic Charities helped the refugee who settled in Baton […]

Trump Has A MAJOR Accusation AGAINST Obama! Said The President Is Targeting…

2015-11-17 22:26, news360.com

Donald Trump accuses Obama of…   Donald Trump is calling for President Barack Obama to stop accepting Syrian refugees into America. The Syrian refugees pose a problem to America: they may have been influenced or infiltrated by ISIS (as we saw in the Paris attacks). Republican candidate Donald Trump was on conservative radio talk show […]

TRUMP: Obama is INSANE, This is What He’s Doing

2015-11-17 16:38, news360.com

Trump just posted this video on his facebook Page, slamming Obama for allowing Muslim refugees in our country without any security check. “They could be ISIS, terrorists…anybody” “is he insane?” Watch: (wait for the video to load) What is our President doing? Posted by Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

UPDATE: Obama Outraged…List of states banning refugees growing rapidly

2015-11-17 11:06, news360.com

UPDATE: Obama Outraged…List of states banning refugees growing rapidly 26 states are refusing Muslim refugees in America. 25 republican governors and one democrat. Here’s the most updated list:…and growing. Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Ham

Maine Just Released This Very Bad News for All Muslim Refugees…This is Happening

2015-11-16 22:17, news360.com

Maine Governor Paul LePage joined the governors of Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan and Texas in saying that their top concern must be the safety of state residents. “I just signed an Executive Order instructing state agencies to take all available steps to stop the relocation of Syrian refugees to LA.,” Louisiana Gov. […]

Syrian Refugees, ISIS, Ben Carson, and Obama… CARSON SPEAKS…

2015-11-16 20:20, news360.com

Ben Carson has spoken…   All Republican candidates have been very vocal after the Paris attacks that left 129 dead and hundreds more injured at the hands of ISIS. Americans are concerned that Syrian refugees may have been infiltrated by ISIS and will pose a threat to American security. According to Reuters, Republican presidential hopeful […]

Map Shows U.S. States That Are Refusing Muslim Refugees…Is your state in this map?

2015-11-16 19:28, news360.com

These U.S. states are refusing to take in Syrian muslim refugees in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris. This is complete list so far: -Alabama -Arkansas -Illinois -Indiana -Louisiana -Michigan -Mississippi -Texas Let’s hope for more states to join! SECURITY COMES FIRST

Louisiana Gov. Just Released THIS VERY BAD News for All Muslim Refugees…

2015-11-16 17:57, news360.com

Obama on Monday defended his plan to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S. in the next year. “Slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values,” he said, according to The Washington Post. Gov. Bobby Jindal just wrote on his Facebook page: I just signed an Executive Order instructing state […]

Texas Gov. Just Released This VERY BAD NEWS for All Refugees…

2015-11-16 16:24, news360.com

Texas will not accept any Syrian refugees in the wake of the Paris terrorist attack, Gov. Greg Abbott just announced. The governor wrote president Obama: “Neither you nor any federal official can guarantee that Syrian refugees will not be part of any terroristic activity. As such, open our door to them irresponsibility exposes our fellow […]

New Disturbing Video Shows What Refugees Teach Their Kids

2015-11-16 15:16, news360.com

What games did you play as a child? This new disturbing video making the rounds on Arabic social media is from the Farah refugee camp near Jenin. In the video, Palestinian children stage a knife attack are one is even wearing a kippa to “act out the part” of a Jew. This is the kind […]

Guess Which Countries Have CLOSED THEIR BORDERS To Syrian Refugees?

2015-11-16 12:30, news360.com

These countries KNOW that ISIS will infiltrate with refugees. Five of the wealthiest Muslim countries have taken no Syrian refugees in at all, arguing that doing so would open them up to the risk of terrorism. Most of the 10-12 million refugees remain within Syria’s borders, but around four million have fled into neighboring countries, […]


2015-11-15 15:44, news360.com

Following reports on Saturday morning that one of the gunmen was found with a Syrian passport, Greek authorities quickly confirmed that he had entered via the island of Leros. A second Paris gunman has been confirmed as having entered Europe via Greece by posing as a refugee. Greek security forces continue to work with the […]

Rob Lowe Just announced This about Paris Attacks…Liberals Outraged

2015-11-15 14:24, news360.com

Rob is under fire after posting this on Twitter regarding Paris attacks. “Via la France #Paris, Oh NOW France closes its borders #Holland an hour later” The comment probably refers to europe’s recent influx of refugees from the Middle East. France has had for years borders wide open and this is the result.

BREAKING: They are heeeeere! First load of 10,000 Syrian Refugees in America…this is where

2015-11-15 08:08, news360.com

Mr. Obama’s impeccable timing was in full feather this week. No sooner than he had uttered the words ISIS is “contained” and “not gaining strength” that the world watched in horror as Paris bled. Closer to home, the news is also ominous. Obama’s “first load of 10,000 Syrian refugees arrived in the U.S., where they […]

The Most Shocking Islamic ‘refugee’ video that you will ever see…way worse than…

2015-11-12 11:56, news360.com

Things are getting out of hand in Europe! Please share this, Americans need to see what really happens when you allow thousands of Muslim refugees in our country. Watch:

Muslim Refugees Spit in The Face Of Swedish Woman After They Did This Atrocity To Her

2015-11-11 22:21, news360.com

Sweden is the rape capital of the West, Statistics now suggest that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped. The woman was sexually assaulted and raped twice by two different men in Strängnäs over the course of an hour. Two Arab asylum seekers have now been indicted for the crimes at Bert […]

New Study Exposes How Many ISIS Lovers Are Arriving in America LEGALLY Thanks to Obama

2015-11-11 18:11, news360.com

As the United States moves forward in letting 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country, a survey says that 13 percent of the Syrian refugees in Europe sympathize with the Islamic State. The poll by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies surveyed 900 refugees in what it called “the largest public opinion poll conducted in the […]

VIDEO: Muslim Refugee Sexually Assaults Girl…He Was Caught Doing…

2015-11-10 15:42, news360.com

This is commonplace and hardly singular. He is cheered on by his sick brothers. It’s really disgusting but to oppose this misogyny would be considered ‘islamophobic’ and “racist’ (even though Islam is not a race). Well, call me RACIST then… Watch:

And so it begins…See Who Was Caught Coming on Refugees Boat…SCARY!

2015-11-10 01:05, news360.com

A convicted terrorist has been caught trying to smuggle himself into Europe. Ben Nasr Mehdi, a Tunisian who was first arrested in Italy in 2007 and sentenced to seven years imprisonment for plotting terror attacks. Authorities discovered him among 200 migrants. The Italian government initially tried to hide the story to avoid “panic” and “scare […]

German officials say there could be ‘CIVIL WAR’ due to…

2015-11-04 00:30, news360.com

German officials say there could be ‘civil war’ due to Merkel’s open door migrant policy and decision to allow a million refugees into Germany! EIGHT THOUSAND ANTI-IMMIGRATION PROTESTERS MARCHED through the streets of Dresden, Germany holding crucifixes in their demonstration against the invasion of Muslim migrants. Demonstrators held an illuminated cross and German flags upside-down […

Obama Admin Imposes Sharia Law on U.S. Businesses Supporting Muslims, This Just Happened…

2015-10-31 18:33, news360.com

Barack Obama is forcing Islamic Sharia Law on an American business. Two Muslim truck drivers (former refugees) were fired because they refused to deliver beer to stores. They said that they cannot do it because they are followers of Islam. Obama admin. sided with them and sued the company for religious discrimination. According to the […]

How do you like these HUGE WARNINGS Prime Minister Orban just gave the EU?

2015-10-23 01:15, news360.com

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban seriously warned the EU leaders about the ‘precedents it is setting in addressing the refugee crisis’ when he spoke to the second Plenary Session of the XXIII Congress of the European People’s Party (EPP) in Madrid.  He was one of the only ones who took this stand.  Let’s hope other countries […]

Illegal Terrorists CROSS into TEXAS; This Is What Happened RIGHT AFTER

2015-10-22 23:12, news360.com

The Obama administration insists the southern border is secure, yet dozens of illegal aliens from terrorist nations entered the United States through Mexico and are being held in a Texas Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) processing center. The detainees are nationals of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh and they are seeking asylum in the U.S. This […]

(Video) Breaking! The refugees from Slovenia to Austria look like an army and are ALL MEN!!!

2015-10-20 18:17, news360.com

These are the refugees from Slovenia on the way to Austria! Our government is putting us at risk for the same kind of invasion! How can any country or state survive this??? You must WATCH this video below! These refugees look like an army of all men and that’s exactly what it is- all men!

Bet the Media Never Showed You THIS About Israel!

2015-10-18 12:42, news360.com

This is the true face of Israel – providing life-saving assistance even to its most determined enemies! On Sunday, a group of Israeli yachters from the Poseidon Yacht Club were sailing along southern Turkey when they heard a cry for help. The captain of the vessel, Shlomo Asban, told Israel’s Ynet news portal that a […]

MEDIA BLACKOUT: Doctor and Two Nurses Stabbed by Muslim Immigrants in Hospital [VIDEO]

2015-10-13 14:11, news360.com

‘..German Physician Undergoes Emergency Surgery While Two Nurses Remain in ‘Intensive Care Unit’ (ICU) Following Muslim Immigrant Attack..’ According to The Right Scoop: http://therightscoop.com/ A Czech doctor, who works in a German hospital, is so disgusted and overwhelmed with the Muslim migrant invaders that she is threatening to leave the country and go back home […]

VIDEO: Refugees so STUBBORN they won’t enter shelter and demand homes immediately!

2015-10-12 19:48, news360.com

According to Bernd Rippert, MOPO 24, there is a report that the war refugees are not really facing reality.  They have refused to enter a shelter that was put in place in a gymnasium.   They chose instead to stay outside while demanding apartments. They are fit- some even fat.  They also have the latest […]

Hungarian Photographer EXPLOITS the refugee situation in Hungary!

2015-10-08 17:44, news360.com

Norbert Baska, the Hungarian Photographer, has taken down his online fashion series “Der Migrant” due to being slammed on social media for glamorizing the desperate situation of refugees in his home country of Hungary.  His pictures have semi-clothed models posing as desperate refugees. These models are partially baring their breasts in front of barbed wire […]

Muslims Offended by Playground PIG, this is what they did…

2015-10-08 16:14, news360.com

Many Europeans countries are shutting their doors to Muslim refugees cause they want to change culture and laws to fit their ideas. Muslims are outraged after the came upon a fake “playground pig.” According to Pamela Gellar The Muslims are now demanding that the school that owns the playground take down the pig because it […]

Video:The Obama administration now is planning on taking in at least 200,000 refugees without Federal funding!

2015-10-07 17:59, news360.com

The Strategy Room Video below says the Obama Administration in now planning on taking in at least 200,000 Syrian Refugees over the next 2 years. Some states are pushing this back for obvious reasons. The Federal Government will not fund these refugees but funding will instead come from state and city funding.  This will really […]

Yesterday’s Terrorist is Today’s “Helpless Refugee”…THESE Pictures will SHOCK you

2015-10-06 15:30, news360.com

You gotta see these pictures before they start coming to US as well… Yesterday’s terrorist is today’s “helpless refugee” (sarcasm intended). PLEASE SHARE For ALL Americans to SEE H/T: Jews News

VIDEO: Muslim Migrants Demand Sex: “Problem here (points to groin) Balls is very big”

2015-10-05 13:41, news360.com

Refugees in refugee shelter talk about their problems, “not having sex.” “I slept three days in hospital because of this problem.” Reporter: “What was the problem?” “Problem, problem problem here (points to groin) Balls is very big. Reporter: “Your balls?” “Really. He said make sex with anyone.” You may be laughing at this, but if […]

All Americans Need To Check Why Socialist Sweden Is Collapsing

2015-10-05 01:32, news360.com

All Americans need to read this before it happens here as well… Obama has promised to get 100,000 refugees. According to Gatestoneinstitute The week after the double murder at IKEA in Västerås, where a man from Eritrea who had been denied asylum grabbed some knives and stabbed Carola and Emil Herlin to death, letters and […]

VIDEO: Trump Warns Obama About Syrian Refugees: “If I Win, They Are…”

2015-10-03 14:17, news360.com

On the topic of Syrian refugees, Trump was forceful in his stance: “I’m putting people on notice that are coming here from Syria as part of this mass migration, that if I win, they’re going back!” He explained: “They could be ISIS … This could be one of the great tactical ploys of all time. […]

Syrian Refugees In The US? Ben Carson Says ‘NO!’

2015-10-02 18:00, news360.com

Ben Carson made his stance clear on taking in Syrian refugees!   Ben Carson said at the Des Moines Rotary Club’s monthly morning breakfast meeting on Friday. The Republican presidential candidate was in Iowa and spoke clearly on his position with taking in Syrian refugees. He said, “Why would you do something like that?” Carson […]

VIDEO: You Won’t Believe What These Muslim ‘Refugees” are Demanding Now

2015-09-29 16:56, news360.com

Millions of Muslims have fled from the Middle East to invade Europe. Germany announced that it would be taking a limit of 500,000 refugees every year. Well, Germany just regretted that decision… According to “The Federalist Papers”: Muslims in refugee camps all over Europe are whining about the conditions in the facilities they are staying […]

VIDEO: Terrifying Message From Muslim Leader About Refugees In US and Europe

2015-09-27 16:52, news360.com

Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: Europe Wants the Muslim Refugees as Labor; We Shall Conquer Their Countries In an address delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Muhammad Ayed said that the Europe and U.S. are not motivated by compassion toward the refugees, but by their need for labor. “We shall conquer their countries,” he declared in the […]

Video Shows What’s Happening When Refugees “Invade” a Cemetery on Croatia-Serbia border

2015-09-26 17:33, news360.com

Thousands of mainly Syrian refugees are using a Serbian cemetary as a rest area before crossing the border into Croatia. They are seeking any space available to put down blankets, sleeping and resting among Christian graves and tombstones. Why Christian graves only? More than 30,000 migrants, many of them Syrian refugees, have entered EU member […]

Syrian Refugees Entering Europe Won’t Stop

2015-09-26 00:18, news360.com

Migrants entering European countries may just be “the tip of the iceberg”.   Amin Awad said that the influx of Syrian refugees fleeing their land to Europe is not looking like it will come to an end anytime soon. Awad who is the director of the Middle East and North Africa division of the Office […]

Two Muslim Men Beat A Girl Because They Don’t Like The Clothes She Is Wearing…

2015-09-25 16:07, news360.com

The world is sick and tired of this. They come in as refugees and then they want to take over and impose their laws on everybody. 2 Muslim guys punched this poor girl in Holland because she was wearing a shirt than show few inches of her belly. This is crazy and must stop…again, if […]

Two Muslim Men Beats A Girl Because They Doesn’t Like The Clothes She Is Wearing…

2015-09-25 16:07, news360.com

The world is sick and tired of this. They come in as refugees and then they want to take over and impose their laws on everybody. 2 Muslim guys punched this poor girl in Holland because she was wearing a shirt than show few inches of her belly. This is crazy and must stop…again, if […]

Why Arab Muslims refuse Arab Muslim ‘refugees’? The Reason is Why We Think This is About Muslim Invasion…

2015-09-25 15:22, news360.com

While Europe and America are opening their doors for the refugees, rich Muslim nation don’t want any of them…did you ask your self why? According to Kuwait’s Fahd al-Shalami, Chairman of the Gulf Forum for Peace and Security, Kuwait refuses to take Arab/Muslim refugees because, “In the end, you cannot accept other people — from […]

The European Union Nations are giving 1.1 billion euros in aid to the United Nations over the refugee crisis!

2015-09-24 18:54, news360.com

At a summit held in Brussels on Sept. 23, the European Union nations agreed to give an additional 1.1 billion euros in aid the United Nations’ agencies that are helping with the refugee crisis in the Syria-neighboring countries.  They have pledged to give more cooperation and dialogue with Turkey.  Turkey is now the main route […]

Secret Importing and Planting of up to 75,000 Syrian Muslims begins in these U.S. States

2015-09-24 16:18, news360.com

Up to 10,000 Syrian refugees, most of them Muslims, will be resettled in cities throughout the U.S. in 2015, with that figure expected to surge to near 75,000 over the next five years. While some of the planned destinations for these refugees are starting to leak out, the big question is: where will they be […]

Violent Video: Muslim Teen Attacks a White Woman in Her Country Because She Didn’t Obey SHARIA LAW…

2015-09-23 17:04, news360.com

Muslim teen in Rotterdam, Holland attacks a young woman for wearing a normal t-shirt (for him provocative). First he calls her whore and then he punches her. According to TOP RIGHT NEWS: This is exactly the problem the world is facing today with the so-called Muslim refugee crisis. Muslims all seem to enjoy the luxuries […]

European Union Just Announced What Could Be The End Of Western Civilization…Could this start a MAJOR WAR?

2015-09-23 12:20, news360.com

As the BBC reports, today European Union interior ministers have approved a controversial plan to relocate 120,000 migrants across the continent over the next two years. Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary voted against accepting mandatory quotas. The EU ministers were voting on a plan to apportion 120,000 refugees – but that’s still only […]

Hungary is following TRUMP’s Advice to STOP Illegal Immigrants…EPIC

2015-09-21 17:24, news360.com

Croatian police say nearly 30,000 refugees have entered the country in the last week while Hungary continues work on a new fence along 108 miles of its border with Croatia. Yes, Hungary is following TRUMP’s advice to stop illegal immigrants. They hired 500 unemployed citizens to finish the job as soon as possible. The Hungarian […]

Obama Doesn’t Have Money for Vets and Marines But Check What He Did for Refugees

2015-09-21 10:44, news360.com

While most of our military families have a hard time getting by and have to rely on food stamps, Obama is offering “house” in America to 100,000 refugees by 2017. “We will now go up to 85,000 with at least 10,000 over the next year in Syria specifically. And in the next fiscal year we […]

Obama wants 100,000 refugees in America but this just happened in Germany

2015-09-17 20:34, news360.com

German police have killed a suspected Islamist after he attacked a policewoman with a knife in Berlin. Rafik Mohamad Yousef, a 41-year-old Iraqi, lived in the city and was considered part of the capital’s Islamist scene. “He had been convicted of being a member of a terrorist association and of being involved in a plot […]

As Hungary finished erecting the final stretch of razor wire fence sealing its border with Serbia, desperate refugees started MAJOR RIOTS!

2015-09-16 23:24, news360.com

Hundreds of refugees finally lost their patience and demanded to be allowed to cross Serbia’s border to Hungary.  Since Hungary finished erecting its razor wire fences, they have been stuck on the Serbian side. Wednesday, several hundred refugees stormed the fences this afternoon.  They were throwing rocks and bottles at Hungarian police. They got in […]

When Hungary Announced “Refugees” State of Emergency; This happened RIGHT AFTER

2015-09-16 21:11, news360.com

Hungary declared a state of emergency yesterday. If you’ve been reading the news, you know that the main problem we are facing is that a big number of these so-called refugees are ISIS jihadists. As Breitbart reports: Hungarian police have opened fire with tear gas against 1500 rioting migrants who are attempting to break through […]

Obama Admits THOUSANDS Of Muslim Refugees – Here’s Where He’s SECRETLY Putting Them

2015-09-15 11:19, news360.com

Millions and millions of Muslim refugees are expected to move from Syria to Europe and America. Europe is currently in crisis. Christians are quickly becoming the minority in their own countries, and Muslims are taking over. Obama wants to go on the same path… The government recently capped the number of refugees that the United […]

Lebanese Minister Warns Obama: Two in Every 100 Syrian Refugees Are ISIS Terrorists, Check Obama Response…

2015-09-15 08:55, news360.com

Lebanese education minister Elias Bousaab, who met with UK’s Prime Minister said to the whole world that the extremist group is sending trained jihadists ‘under cover’ to attack targets in the West. If this is true, it mean that 200 of the 10,000 refugees Obama has promised to accept by 2016 are ready to attack […]

Sense! Denmark Says “NO” To Muslim Refugees, The Reason? All Americans Need To Know

2015-09-14 23:11, news360.com

Denmark completely closed THEIR BORDERS to Muslim refugees. According to The Daily Caller: Danish Integration Minister Inger Støjberg could not have been more clear: her country will not be accepting any of the 160,000 Middle Eastern refugees currently in the European Union resettlement program. “We will not take part in the 160,000 asylum seekers that […]

[LEAKED Photos] Revealed! Who is the Refugee the Camerawoman Tripped for Police to Arrest?

2015-09-14 15:10, news360.com

A camerawoman for a private television channel in Hungary was fired after videos of her kicking and tripping refugees fleeing police spread in the media and on the Internet. In separate videos, the woman, later identified as Petra Laszlo, is seen kicking a girl and tripping a man carrying a child as hundreds of refugees, […]

Muslim Refugees Destroying Everything They Touch in Italy…This Needs To Reach Obama

2015-09-13 21:50, news360.com

The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into western nations – hidden amongst innocent refugees. The ISIS smuggler, revealed the ongoing clandestine operation is a complete success. Islamic State is believed to be actively smuggling deadly gunmen across the sparsely-guarded 565-mile Turkish border and on to richer European nations, he […]

Boston Bombers Were Refugees Seeking Safety and Obama Wants 10,000 MORE of Them

2015-09-13 13:44, news360.com

Obama is willing to import 10,000 “refugees” from Syria into America. These refugees will mainly be Muslim men. How many of them are actually “poor refugees”? 1. The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into western nations – hidden amongst innocent refugees. 2. New reports revealed Boston bombers were, in […]

And so It begins…ISIS Flag Among Refugees in Germany Fighting the Police [Pictures]

2015-09-13 13:03, news360.com

The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into western nations – hidden amongst innocent refugees. The ISIS smuggler, revealed the ongoing clandestine operation is a complete success. Islamic State is believed to be actively smuggling deadly gunmen across the sparsely-guarded 565-mile Turkish border and on to richer European nations, he […]

VIDEO: Container with AID for “refugees” Caught FULL of Weapons and Ammunition

2015-09-11 17:33, news360.com

We have been warning you! I am sorry to say: we told you! Container full of “AID” for Muslim “refugees” arrived in Greece and they found in it weapons and ammunition. Honestly, did you hear anything from the media? I don’t think so! That’s why we are here! Watch: PLEASE SHARE BEFORE OBAMA BRINGS THOUSANDS […]

"Bin keine herzlose, tretende Rassistin" - Kamerafrau bedauert Tritte gegen Flüchtlingskinder

2015-09-11 11:55, focus.de

Die ungarische Kamerafrau, die beim Filmen von Flüchtlingen im Süden Ungarns gegen Kinder getreten hatte, hat den Vorfall bedauert.

Let’s see if you Notice the difference between real refugees and a scam to invade Europe

2015-09-10 12:16, news360.com


Media Silent As Muslims Kill 60,000 Christians In Philippines for their Faith

2015-09-10 10:01, news360.com

When thousands of Muslims become refugees, then you can’t get the media to shut up about it for weeks. Thousands of Muslim migrants invading Europe became “refugees” and the media has spent the better part of a year ranting about how evil Christianity is. But when Muslim terrorists attack a Christian city creating tens of […]

Images Show Jihadist Terrorists Entering Europe As “Refugees”

2015-09-09 16:00, news360.com

Images of “refugees” arriving in Europe who previously fought for jihadist rebel factions in Syria are stoking further concerns that ISIS could be exploiting the crisis to infiltrate terrorists into the west. At least three individuals have been identified entering Europe who have previously been pictured fighting for Al-Qaeda-linked militant groups. The most widely circulated […]

Here are Some Adorable Muslim Syrian Refugee Thugs for You to Adopt

2015-09-09 00:38, news360.com

Do you want your very own gang of Syrian refugees to loiter around your home? Attention liberal millionaires. Do you want your very own gang of Syrian Refugees (TM) to loiter around your home, throw things at you and beat you up? Here are a whole bunch for you to take home. You’ll notice the […]

The SHOCKING Immigration VIDEO that Liberal medias are HIDING from YOU

2015-09-09 00:12, news360.com

800,000 migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, and Libya are flooding into Europe. Adding to the complexity of addressing this ever-growing refugee crisis is the concern that embedded in this “humanitarian” crisis may be a jihadist Trojan horse. As we suggested here: There are two methods of creating Islamic supremacy in the world. One is through violent […]

White House says it’s ‘actively considering’ new measures to help Syrian refugees but isn’t ready…

2015-09-08 21:59, news360.com

The White House today said it is ‘actively considering a range of approaches’ to the Syrian refugee crisis that could include increased humanitarian aid or a lifting of the cap on migrants allowed in the country. Press Secretary Josh Earnest could reveal little more about the administration’s plans, however, stressing that the policies in place […]

VIDEO: Refugees in Europe Attack The Police and Trashed the Train

2015-09-08 10:52, news360.com

Police in Budapest struggled to contain hundreds of refugees who had come to the station to catch trains to Western Europe, in the Hungarian capital on Tuesday. Authorities have since closed the station to refugees, as they attempt to get the situation under control. This is how they TRASHED the train: Those who want respect […]

From terrorist to “poor, beloved refugee”…imagine how many of these have just flooded Europe and America NEXT

2015-09-08 10:33, news360.com

From terrorist to “poor, beloved refugee”…imagine how many of these have just flooded Europe and America NEXT… Jews News Share this picture that give us a hint on what’s going in Europe. Obama is about to open wide our borders for all these refugees to come in. how many of them are actually ISIS fighters? […]

The grief-stricken father of two refugee boys who drowned alongside their mother has buried them in Kobane, as it’s revealed 11 relatives were slaughtered by Isis…

2015-09-05 00:40, news360.com

The grief-stricken father of two refugee boys who drowned alongside their mother has buried them in Kobane, as it’s revealed 11 relatives were slaughtered by Islamic State militants in the war-torn city. Aylan, three, his brother Galip, five, and mother Rehan died when their dinghy capsized as they tried to reach the Greek island of […]

Obama’s Weakness Creates Chaos For Europe And Syrian Refugees!

2015-09-04 13:12, news360.com

Obama has dragged his feet. Obama has sided with the enemy. Obama has been incompetent. Now Europe is suffering. Syria is a mess – • Missiles are being launched from Syria and hit Israel. • Democrats are asking that Obama bring the refugees to America. 60,000 of them! • Dead Kurdish children are watching up […]

Muslim ‘refugees’ Refuse Boxes of aid because They Get Offended By THIS…

2015-09-03 23:31, news360.com

Watch this crowd, do they look desperate to you? Muslim ‘refugees’ refuse boxes of aid because it has the Christian Red Cross on it… Watch: According to Allen West: The main origin of the panic in the Middle East is ISIS, whose sophisticated and professional PR apparatus has made it abundantly clear that the mass […]

American Aid Worker Made SEX SLAVE of ISIS Leader

2015-08-17 16:40, news360.com

She went to Syria with the intent of aiding the refugees of that nation’s ongoing and bloody civil war, but ISIS had other plans for her and the multitudes of other women it has taken captive in recent years. Kayla Mueller, 26, was taken captive by the jihadist horde in August 2013 as she left […]

New chaos on Kos as Pakistanis, Afghans and Iranians throw fists and rocks in fight over to be registered as migrants

2015-08-16 00:32, news360.com

Fighting broke out between a group of Asian migrants on the Greek island of Kos today. Riot police did nothing as 50 asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran threw rocks and exchanged blows near a passenger ship where hundreds of migrants were being registered. Hundreds of Asian migrants were stood near the police station […]

ALERT: Muslim Beheads Shopper in IKEA store, look what IKEA is doing in response

2015-08-14 18:32, news360.com

On Monday a 57-year-old Swedish woman and her 22-year-old son were reportedly stabbed and killed (one actually beheaded) by an Eritrean Muslim asylum seeker in the nation’s largest branch of IKEA. Security camera footage shows the 35-year-old man grabbing two knives from the kitchenware section just before two shoppers are attacked, according to Swedish newspaper […]